Namie Amuro – Naked/Fight Together/Tempest

Namie Amuro Naked

Release Date: July 27, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Naked
  2. Fight Together
  3. Tempest
  4. Naked (Extended Instrumental)
  5. Fight Together (Instrumental)
  6. Tempest (Instrumental)


Namie Amuro follows up her collaboration album Checkmate with the triple a-sided single Naked/Fight Together/Tempest. Each song has been used in promotions for various products. Naked is featured in a cosmetics ad, Fight Together is a theme for the One Piece anime and Tempest is the theme song for the NHK drama of the same name.

Each song also happens to have its own distinct sound touching on various genres that Namie has worked in recently. The most interesting being Naked which sounds a lot like a Daft Punk or Ravex kind of song. Having been produced by Mondo Grosso’s Shinichi Osawa that it should be no surprise that the end result would end up being similar to those groups.

Fight Together is also a dance track but leans more on the pop side. Think of something similar to EXILE’s I Wish For You and you should get the idea. Tempest is a dramatic sounding ballad that closes the package. As with most Japanese singles the instrumental versions of songs are also included.

This is a return to more mainstream sounding solo songs for Namie Amuro. For those who found her Past < Future work a little too experimental this will be a welcome change. For those who don’t care either way, it’s another solid batch of Amuro songs for you to take in.

Naked/Fight Together/Tempest

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