Namie Amuro – Past < Future

Past < Future / Namie Amuro

Past < Future / Namie Amuro


Release Date: Dec 16, 2009

Track Listing

  1. Fast Car
  2. Copy That
  3. Love Game
  4. Bad Habit
  5. Steal My Night
  6. First Timer feat. Doberman Inc.
  7. Wild
  8. Dr.
  9. Shut Up
  10. My Love
  11. The Meaning Of Us
  12. Defend Love


Past < Future is Amuro’s 9th studio album and as indicated by the album cover is a new start for her. Gone are the R&B/Hip-Pop songs that have dominated her last 2 albums (Queen of Hip-Pop & Play) and in are more experimental sounding Dance/Pop songs.  An early indication of this shift in sound was when Wild/Dr. was released.

Besides the previously released Wild/Dr. the other early releases from this album were My Love and Copy That which are being used in a promotional campaign for Vidal Sassoon. All totally different from what many have been accustomed to hearing from her.  But there’s only so much that one can do within the R&B/Hip-Pop mold without becoming stale or a parody of oneself.

A lot of the productions here are much edgier than her previous material.  In a way the songs presented sound a lot like current K-Pop and/or the Electro influenced North American Pop than the typical Avex styled J-Pop. Sometimes I get the vibe of the tracks from Utada’s Ultra Blue or Exodus except not so left field sounding. Either way it’s a refreshing change and I think the material compliments her voice well.

Besides the already mentioned releases songs like First Timer, Love Game and Shut Up are also exceptional examples of the new direction Amuro is taking. There is one song that does sound closest to stuff before her change in sound and that is The Meaning Of Us. But that’s about all you’re gonna get out this album in regard to that.

I can see how some may not be too keen on her new direction. Obviously people get used to hearing a certain sound from their favorite artist(s) & moving away from the familiar perhaps brings an uncertain feeling amongst fans. But Amuro fans need not worry. She’s one of the few artists who can move between genres & still sound awesome no matter what’s thrown at her.

I think the decision to change her sound was a great one & although some tracks may be a little weak (i.e. Dr.) the album as a whole is definitely worth investing some time in.



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