NECRONOMIDOL announces hiatus amidst member withdrawals

On March 16th 2020, NECRONOMIDOL released a statement on twitter announcing that members Kakizaki Risaki, Imaizumi Rei and Michelle had all withdrawn from the group effective immediately. As a result, NECRONOMIDOL has cancelled all confirmed events running throughout March and April, and the group has gone into what many hope will be a short hiatus.

With this news it can be assumed that the new member reveal has been postponed until further notice, however no news has been updated in regards to this. It must also be noted that Tsukishiro Himari will remain as a member of NECRONOMIDOL.

Furthermore, former members Risaki, Rei and Michelle will organise their own separate event for their graduation, with a date set for April 27th at Shibuya Cyclone. Further details will be announced at a later time.

After this the girls will go their own separate ways, however all three have expressed a desire to continue performing.

Soon after the official announcement was made, Risaki, Rei and Michelle released their own statements regarding the news on their individual Twitter accounts. Risaki’s heartfelt feelings towards the difficult decision to depart the group has been published in both Japanese and English, and both Rei and Michelle have since updated their own twitters with statements in Japanese and English, respectively, with both members expressing their sadness at having to leave the group.

It is a shocking turn of events, one that fans will understandably have a hard time getting over. We may never know what exactly transpired to make three members quit – though rumours and speculation will surface in due time – but hopefully fans will continue to support the girls individually, as well as the future members of NECRONOMIDOL. Still, it is disheartening to see the girls leave in this way, especially Risaki, who has stood by the group as its leader since its inception 6 years ago.

This is an unfortunate situation for NECRONOMIDOL to be in, and yet another unprecedented announcement from the idol world in 2020. But if any group can rise from the ashes after being burned, it is Necroma. Hopefully they return intact, and with the same spirit as before.

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