NECRONOMIDOL Unveil New Members And Reveal Early 2019 Plans

Left to Right: Himari Tsukishiro, Imaizumi Rei, Risaki Kakizaki, Kunogi Kenbishi and Michelle

Tokyo’s very own ultra-dark idol group, NECRONOMIDOL, welcomed their newest members to the group on January 13th, 2019 at their sponsored show, BEYOND vol. 1, held at Shibuya CYCLONE. The group has also announced

Introducing two new members – Kunogi Kenbishi and Michelle – NECRONOMIDOL return to their quintet status, and reveal further changes to the group in the form of new uniforms, as show above. The group also performed their first song of 2019 together – and the first for their current incarnation – titled SALEM, composed by Kei Toriki, who has created previous music for the group in the past (END OF DAYS, thanatogenesis, R’LYEH, pyschopomp).

Kunogi – pictured centre right – has been active as a solo idol from March 2018, and was previously a member of the self-produced indies group Gekijoban Kokigen Teikoku, where she was known as Kunogi Hibiki.

Michelle – pictured far right – has been active as a fashion model, but has no previous experience as an idol.

In addition to the new member, uniform and song reveals, the team behind NECRONOMIDOL have also announced several new shows for the group. Of these shows, the BEYOND sponsored lives will continue throughout the next three months, with shows being held on February 10th, March 10th and 14th. A final one man live will culminate the series of shows at Tokyo Kinema Club on Walpurgis Night on April 30th.

In line with the BEYOND sponsored live shows, a further announcement from the NECRONOMIDOL team reveals that the group will be starring in a short film, titled BEYOND THE RED. This will see the short film split into four chapters, each distributed between the four individual BEYOND shows, with the final chapter ending the series during the April 30th one man live. Once the final event has concluded, all four chapters will be uploaded to the groups YouTube channel for public and international viewing.

Finally, in regards to their international fans, NECRONOMIDOL’s team want to assure everyone that they are currently working hard on the groups overseas activities, but can neither comment nor confirm on any current plans until a later date.

With 2019 starting off in both a positive and busy manner, NECRONOMIDOL and the team behind them look forward to bringing even more exciting news, and thank everyone for their continued support both within Japan and outside of it.

You can follow the new members on Twitter, linked below.

Kunogi Kenbishi

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