NewJeans – OMG (Selective Hearing Remixes)

NewJeans OMG Cover

Release Date: January 2, 2023
Key: D Minor
BPM: 127

OMG is the first comeback release from HYBE/ADOR’s NewJeans. The original version is a catchy call back to the late 90s to early 2000s era of R&B and Pop.

Similar to what I did for Attention and Ditto, I created remixes of OMG in two different styles.

The first is my take on the bouncy R&B/Pop from which the original takes its inspiration. However, unlike the original version, this remix is more laid-back. Yet the energy does ramp up enough during the chorus sections to get your groove on.

The second remix is more within my comfort zone of dance music. For this take, I laid down a four-on-the-floor beat and added touches of house music and disco to give the track momentum. This remix is the more consistently upbeat of the two I composed.

NOTE: I could not sync this remix to any of the performance or main music videos. The way I put the remix together added a few extra seconds near the beginning, and stuff didn’t line up without making crazy edits that chopped up the video and the remix in nonsensical ways. So it’s audio only for this one.

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