NiziU – Make You Happy (Selective Hearing Remix)

NiziU Make You Happy CD Cover

Release Date: June 30, 2020
Key: G Major
BPM: 160

Make You Happy is the pre-debut single from JYP Entertainment’s newest girl group NiziU (pronounced as “Need You”). The song is a catchy bit of high tempo pop. For many familiar with the current groups within JYP Entertainment, this will sound a lot like a TWICE b-side. Whether that is a good or bad thing is a personal preference.

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NiziU – Make You Happy (2020)

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NiziU – Make You Happy (Instrumental) (2020)

Finding a way to incorporate my style on this particular song was challenging. Rather than go the pure pop route, I decided to mess around with a Dubstep drum kit and a few synths to see what I could conjure up.

Given that most of the Make You Happy has a straightforward chord structure, it wasn’t hard to get this done quickly. The only real roadblock I encountered was at the start of the second verse. There was noise bleed from the instrumental of the original that was unavoidable. I just worked around it the best I could since it was only evident for a few seconds.

My work’s final result is a shorter version than the original, thanks to some strategic edits. It also has a much different feel after dropping a lot of the bubblegum pop vibe.

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