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No Sleeves - No3b

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Track Listing

  1. Relax!
  2. Kiss no Ryuusei
  3. 3 Seconds (Remix)
  4. Heart Gata Virus [no3b ver.]
  5. Bye Bye Bye
  6. Junai no Crecendo
  7. Christmas Present (Remix)
  8. Lie
  9. Tane
  10. Next Heaven
  11. Shaku ga Hoshii / Renaiun Joushoudan
  12. Uso Deshou? ~Shichirigahama no Nanafushigi~


No3b (No Sleeves) is a spin-off unit of AKB48’s Team A featuring members Haruna Kojima, Minami Takahashi and Minami Minegishi. Their self-titled album features their five single releases, 2 digital singles and 4 new songs.

It may surprise some but I actually do know of No3b as their songs really caught my attention before I even started to get involved in learning about AKB48 and I have been eagerly anticipating this album. Question is, was it worth the wait?

For the most part yes, but it’s definitely not as epic as I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great tracks such as Heart Gata Virus and Bye Bye Bye (which is not a cover of N’Sync or C-ute) but things derailed a bit once Junai no Crecendo and Christmas Present (Remix) hit. Thankfully things got back on track with the next 5 songs after with Uso Deshou? ~Shichirigahama no Nanafushigi~  being of most interest.

Overall I can say I was satisfied with this debut. I was left wanting more so I suppose that is a good thing isn’t it?


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