Not Yet – Suika Baby

Not Yet Suika Baby

Release Date: May 30, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Suika Baby
  2. Kibou no Hana
  3. Fumou na Yoru (Type A)
  4. Guity Love (Type B)
  5. May (Yokoyama Yui Solo – Type C)
  6. Aisareru to Iu Koto (Not Yet Version – Regular Edition)
  7. Suika Baby (Off. Vocal Version)
  8. Kibou no Hana (Off. Vocal Version)
  9. Fumou na Yoru (Off. Vocal Version – Type A)
  10. Guilty Love (Off. Vocal Version – Type B)
  11. May (Off. Vocal Version – Type C)
  12. Aisareru to Iu Koto (Off. Vocal Version – Regular Ediiton)


Not Yet’s fourth single is an up-tempo piece of pop that falls right in line with type of idol music that is associated with the AKB48 brand. Whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on your point of view. Let’s just say that the apple ain’t falling that far from the tree when it comes to this song.

From what I understand Not Yet isn’t exactly the most polished of the AKB sub-groups, which explains their group name. They’re kind of rough around the edges so to speak? Some fans have noted that Suika Baby is kind of like a leftover that didn’t fit other AKB sub-groups. Unlike another major idol organization (No names will mentioned to protect the guilty.) these sloppy seconds are still rather fresh.

For what it’s worth the song is pretty catchy. It may not be everyone’s slice of watermelon but it’s juicy enough to satisfy most idol pop listeners. I think the song could have used more epic guitar work. I’m not begging for 15-minute guitar solos but maybe something with a bit more oomph to give the track a bit more energy. Anyway, that’s a minor complaint.

Much like every other multi-edition idol single there are different b-sides depending on which one you buy. Unlike other singles all of these are actually worth listening to and it all depends on what mood you’re in. If don’t have the time or money to go through all 4 versions I would highly suggest getting Type C. Yokayama Yui’s solo May is one hell of a catchy tune. I normally don’t listen to Enka tracks since they’re kind of out my comfort zone but this was great.

Having never experienced a Yokoyama solo before I was pleasantly surprised hearing her all by her lonesome. She doesn’t have the traces of idol squeak that perhaps her group mates display at times which is always a good thing considering that most idols sound like they’re on helium. Much like the majority of AKB girls she’s not gonna be whipping out diva notes anytime soon, but her voice is definitely one that is quite pleasing to the ear.

As for the song itself, it feels like it’s a throwback to a sound that an older generation grew up on. I’m guessing that’s the whole deal with Enka but since I’m not familiar with the genre & its nuances I’m really taking a stab in the dark here. Still, it seems to be a perfectly good fit for Yokoyama and is a highlight of the entire package of b-sides offered.

The other b-side worth investing some time in is the one from the Regular Edition, Aisareru to Iu Koto. Considering this is just a re-hash of an older AKB song it should be pleasing enough.

Lastly I think Guilty Love is interesting simply because it was written by Kitahara Rie. (with help from Aki-P) This of course is a rarity in idol land since there really isn’t much encouragement to actually be part of the creative process outside of making up cute catch phrases and smiley faces to make the wotas blow up in their pants & give away their money after the blood rushes away from their brains.

With that said, if the song is what I think it’s about, perhaps someone is craving a bit of action that a vibrator or a loving self-touch alone cannot provide. Again, I’m speculating so all you nut jobs who take this way too seriously can calm down.

In the end this was a well rounded group of songs. Whether Suika Baby by itself is one of the better AKB related songs of 2012 is debatable but coming from a newcomer’s perspective I found the song to be a fun summer track that is probably only eclipsed by SKE48’s seasonal offering.

Suika Baby (Regular Edition)

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Suika Baby (Type A)

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Suika Baby (Type B)

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Suika Baby (Type C)

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