Otome Shinto – 2 Gakki Debut Dai Sakusen!! Review

Otome Shinto

Release Date: August 7th, 2013

Track List:

1. 2 Gakki Debut Dai Sakusen!!
2. Otome Shinto no Uta
3. 2 Gakki Debut Dai Sakusen!! (Instrumental)
4. Otome Shinto no Uta (Instrumental)


Remember that junior high group I talked about once upon a long time ago? Yeah, those girls! Well, they released a second single (another anime song, of course) and guess what? About 3/4 of them still can’t sing. Still, if they are loli-bait, who needs good singers, right?

2 Gakki Debut Dai Sakusen!! is Otome Shinto’s latest single, and is actually a really fun and catchy tune that has pulled me in more than their first single did. This one is catchier, a lot more high with energy and has an 8-bit sound behind the instrumental. Really, what else is there not to like? Other than terrible vocals, that is? Heck, even the video is amazing! Because of how good it all is, I canforgive the horrid vocals this time around (and next time, and again…)

I actually adore the song. It is so fun to listen to thanks to its bouncy, energetic sound, and sounding like a game kind of helps it win me over, too. Heck, being quite a fun and childish song is winning it over for me. It’s pretty fun to sing along to as well, though sometimes the girls talk too fast for me to follow them when I am singing along… oh, they also bring back the girls as MC’s in the song, meaning that yes, they talk a little in it… but it fits surprisingly well, and I quite like hearing them talk. It’s better than hearing them sing, if anything.

The next song on the list is Otome Shinto no Uta, basically, Song of Otome Shinto or something along those lines. This song even spawned its own PV, and is basically another song that is filled with raw and horrible vocals and more lines that involve talking as opposed to singing sometimes. It also acts as more of an introduction to the members, having the girls take turns to sing about themselves and introduce each other in the song and video. I think there is a bit of talking about their colours in there as well (I certainly hear ‘Pinku’ more than once), and I guess if you want to learn who is who in Otome Shinto, then this would be a good song to go for, though really, there are only four of them, and they always wear their member colours… so why we need a song to help us along is beyond me.

The song itself is the sort of song that I would actually avoid, truth be told. There are too many solo lines in this song, for one, and even the group lines sound horribly raw and unpolished (the more I listen to Otome Shinto, the more I want to listen to Tsuribit for the sake of my ears), but I guess if you find horribly untrained, childish voices quite nice… well, this might be a great song for you, but not for me.

That said, though, I do like 2 Gakki Debut Dai Sakusen!! as a song because of how bubbly, cute and fun it is. Paired with the PV, it is a winning combination! The B-side, however, is definitely a miss for me… Let’s just hope that the girls learn to sing the next time they bring out a single, aye?

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