Otome Shinto – Mousou★Koukan Nikki

Otome Shinto

Track List

1. Mousou★Koukan Nikki
2. Tokimeki Paradox
3. Mousou★Koukan Nikki (Instrumental)
4. Tokimeki Paradox (Instrumental)


Here’s a new group for you all to look into, or at least take an interest for a good five or ten minutes of your time as you read this, and enjoy; This is Otome Shinto, a Junior High unit made up of four girls from different agencies. The girls are currently managed by the label Fuwa Fuwa Records and this is their debut single and the opening theme for the anime GJ-bu. Have I mentioned that they are Junior High students? AKA, great for the Loli Lovers out there.

Introductions over and done with, let’s take a look at their first single Mousou★Koukan Nikki and what it has in store for us all.

When I first listened to Mousou★Koukan Nikki back in January, I was completely surprised by how much the song did not annoy me; I have a thing about kids voices when it comes to singing, and that’s mostly down to the fact that I feel like kids generally hold the same pitch and tone until they have fully developed their vocals (Cse 1: Kudo Haruka vs Ashida Mana) so when I heard this song I was surprised by much I enjoyed it, because some of these girls still sound like children who have not yet developed their vocals fully. That said, I don’t mind children singing so long as it isn’t a profession… Too late, I sound horrible now that I have said this!

Mousou★Koukan Nikki is a fun song to listen to, with a pretty catchy instrumental and a nice fun element about it. The girls sound like they had a lot of fun singing it and it’s a great tune to just dance along to. I’ve found that I enjoy the song the more I listen to it, regardless of how childish I sometimes find the vocals, and the instrumental is genuinely enjoyable for me. It’s extremely energetic and cheerful, something you would expect of a Junior High, anime based tune.

The only thing that I don’t particularly care for in this song has to be the inserted talking parts. For me, these can either make or break a song, and luckily enough the talking parts are not out of place here, I just don’t really care for them. Thankfully the energy of this song and the cute factor it has makes up for my personal dislikes.

All in all, I enjoyed Mousou★Koukan Nikki as a song; it’s cute and energetic and I find it fits the image of the girls well. However it will never become my favorite song or rank too highly as a song from the group that I like.

Tokimeki Paradox, on the other hand, might be able to… Might. The B-side is another fun and catchy song, and for me, a better listen than the A-side is. It’s a little more toned down in terms of energy and happiness, but it has a nice tone to it which is just as fun and cute as Mousou★Koukan Nikki is. This song also does well in showing off how raw and underdeveloped the girls’ vocals are, but that isn’t a bad thing I think; in fact, it enhances the song even more for me because I feel that it sounds a lot more natural and genuine. It’s nice to hear the girls’ individual voices in this, they sound great and a lot more at ease than in the A-side.

I also enjoy the instrumental of Tokimeki Paradox, there are a few effects in there that make it a little more fun and carefree, and even some random vocal parts where the girls just talk in the background, giving it that natural feeling once again. It’s a cute song and my favorite of the two songs on the single, though both have their high points.

Overall I think that this single is cute and very fitting for the girls; the songs are fun, energetic and cute and work well with the girls’ voices. I’m glad that I took a look at Otome Shinto when I did, because the girls are cute and so are their songs. Hopefully I will be able keep up with the girls and their future releases, because for a debut single, this is pretty good I think, though nowhere near the best I have heard.

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