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Panache! are a rather new Idol unit consisting of three popular cosplayers, and they released their major debut single Kirameki Miraizui back in October. The group is basically a bit like Vocaloid, or at least their debut single is, thanks to the electro pop that is very present here. Oh well, anything to cover up the fact that maybe, just maybe, these girls can’t sing.

And there also isn’t a PV release, which sucks, but hey, we can’t all have what we want now, can we?

Anyway, here’s the track listing for you all to look at:

01. Kirameki Miraizu
02. Happy Synthesizer (Clean Tears Remix)
03. Kirameki Miraizu (Instrumental)
04. Happy Synthesizer (Clean Tears Remix) (Instrumental)

The Single

Considering how much of a fan I am of Vocaloid songs, (aka: Not a fan) I was greatly surprised by just how much I enjoyed this single and what the girls had to offer. Kirameki Miraizu is actually a very pretty song, despite the noticeable amount of Vocaloid auto-tune present in the song itself. It’s very easy to listen to and is up-beat and quite cute. I really can’t fault the song itself, because it is uite catchy to listen to and very well arranged in my opinion. It’s not the best song I have ever heard, because come on, this is Idol pop we’re talking about, but it’s a good song which will interest many Vocaloid fans with the catchy beat and the poppy sound. It can get a little repetitive in places I feel, but it’s still a pretty good song to listen to. I’ve had it on a loop, and I have yet to get sick of it, so that’s always a good sign, right? Right?

The second song on this single is what I assume is a Vocaloid classic, Happy Synthesizer (Clean Tears Remix). I have to say, this is a very nice song to listen to and probably my favourite track on Panache!’s debut single, despite the fact that it isn’t their own original song. It’s very light hearted and up-beat, an I love the sound of the instrumental. It’s a nice little song, one which I might have to listen to the original of. It’s very cute and up-beat and all around a good listen. If you are a fan of Vocaloid, and you love this song, then I suggest giving Panache! a chance and seeing if you like their version. You never know, you might just enjoy it as much as you do the original.

Panache! seem like a very promising group, and with their second single coming out in February 2013, I am looking forward to what these girls can bring to the plate for the future. If they can continue to impress me then they may have a new fan of the group, because they might just be the reason why I get into auto-tune or electro pop…

Unless Perfume get to me first, that is.

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