PASSPO☆ ツアーファイナル – PASSPO☆歌って踊って奏でる対バンツアー〜Road to 中野サンプラザ〜

On September 22nd, 2018 PASSPO☆ returned to Nakano Sun Plaza, the location of their first one man live six years ago to end their time as a group with a concert titled “PASSPO☆歌って踊って奏でる対バンツアー〜Road to 中野サンプラザ〜”.

The show opened with their first indies song “Let It Go!” followed by other memorable tracks such as their major label debut “Shoujo Hikou”, “7’s Up”, “Pretty Lie” and “Kucha LOVE” creating an early air of excitement.

PASSPO Final Live 02
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At the mid-point of the concert they switched to their band formation performing songs such as “BABY JUMP!! ~天国への搭乗便~”, “WANTED”, “Material Girl”, and “Himawari” which brought the crowd to a fever pitch.

After their band corner ended the group dipped back into their catalog with three nostalgic songs, “Mudai”, “I” and “You”. The final song of the set, “TRACKS” brought Okunaka Makoto and Makita Sako on to the stage to re-form the 9-member version of the group for the performance.

PASSPO Final Live 03
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The first encore of the night had the group in band formation once more performing amid a sea of blue and white pen lights. They started off with “Party like a Rockstar!” followed by “STEP & GO” and “Music Navigation”. The concert ended with a second encore featuring a repeat performance of “Shoujjo Hikou” and closed with “Bachelorette wa Owaranai”.

With the final song completed the 9-year career of PASSPO☆ came to an end in front of their faithful and enthusiastic fans who sold out Nakano Sun Plaza to say farewell to them.

PASSPO Final Live 01
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PASSPO☆歌って踊って奏でる対バンツアー~Road to 中野サンプラザ~
2018年9月22日(土)中野サンプラザホール セットリスト

Set List

01. Let It Go!!
02. 少女飛行
03. 夏空HANABI
04. WING
05. 7’s Up
07. Love Diary
08. Pretty Lie
09. くちゃLOVE
10. BABY JUMP!! ~天国への搭乗便~
11. WANTED!!
12. キャンディー・ルーム
13. マテリアルGirl
14. Perfect Sky
15. 向日葵
16. Break out
17. ViVi夏
18. Go On A Highway
19. LALA LOVE TRAIN~恋の片道切符~
20. じゃあね…
21. 無題
22. 「I」
23. You


25. Party like a Rockstar!
27. Music Navigation


28. 少女飛行
29. バチェロレッテは終わらない