Passpo – Take Off

Passpo Take Off

Release Date: December 8, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Let It Go
  2. GPP
  3. Go On A Highway
  4. Pretty Lie
  5. Muteki Girl
  6. Break Out
  7. La La La Love Train -Koi no Katamichi Kippu-
  8. Hallelujah
  9. Natsusuzora Dash
  10. Sakura Iro
  11. Let It Go (Orchestra Version)
  12. Let It Go (Music Box Version)
  13. Sakura Iro (Orchestra Version)


Passpo is a 10 member group formed from the 2009 Minna de Tsukuru Idol Unit contest in Akihabara. The group follows a travel theme and everything from their lyrics and costumes right down to how their concert attendees are addressed (they are called passengers) follows that concept.

Take Off is the group’s first album and unlike many idol groups their sound has a bit an edge thanks to a strong dance rock influence. For those of you who need a more familiar reference the closest current J-Pop idol group you can compare them to is Buono! Then again, that’s like comparing apples and oranges.

What you do get from Passpo on Take Off is a bunch of high energy songs that do tread on familiar territory but still incorporate the girl rock twist in a manner that is different from comparable groups. Standout songs include Let It Go, Break Out, Hallelujah and Natsuzora Dash.

Having never heard a single Passpo song before reviewing this album I have to say that I am impressed with them. They’re still a little rough around the edges but that’s okay since that rawness gels with their sound.

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