PAX Prime 2014 – Just The Games

I didn’t play many games at PAX, but here’s a list of what I did play:


It’s a music puzzle game where you fill in the gaps on moving concentric circles with various instruments. You could also forgo actually solving the puzzle and you can go and create music yourself. When I took the demo, the person running the demo (not Samantha Kalman, the creator of Sentris and overall cool person) asked if I just wanted to jump straight in with no instructions and I did so. Admittedly, I was stuck at the 3rd of 5 puzzles and I asked what certain things meant. After hearing what I needed to hear, the game became easier to digest. It’s currently on Steam early access now, and here’s hoping there will be some sort of tutorial to ease people into it.


This is a 4 person local multiplayer FPS where everyone playing is invisible. The only way to shoot your opponents is to look at each other’s screen to see where they are on the map. The guns have a trail of smoke after it’s been fired making it a bit easier to find people. It’s clearly taking the idea of cheating back when people were more prone to play local multiplayer FPS games like Goldeneye on the N64. I had a lot of fun with this.

Shattered Planet

Shattered Planet is a turn-based RPG where the levels are randomly generated. Because of it (or my own lack of skill), I didn’t last very long. Fans of Binding of Issac or Spelunky would most likely enjoy this as well.


A 2 vs 2 games where you want to push the ball into the goal to score. Depending on how long you hold the shoot button, you get different levels of offence. Really easy to pick up and play. Bonus points for having the best hype/demo man at PAX.

Slash Dash

Nevernaut Game is putting out a 2 vs 2 player capture the flag game with ninjas. Hence the name you can slash through and dash past your opponents, but you can also teleport short distances as well. It was easy to pick up and play, and with four people the games get intense.

I played quite a lot of local multiplayer games, which lends itself well to a convention like PAX where people can walk up and start playing. I actively chose to not line up and play any of the bigger developer’s games like Assassin’s Creed: Rogue or Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS, cause I know I’m going to hear more about the those games the closer they get to being released. That being said, I did stand around and watch a full game of Turtle Rock’s Evolve.

Evolve is a 4 vs 1 player games where the 4 human players work together to take down the 1 player who is a huge, dangerous monster. The game looks great, and as someone who has really gotten into playing co-op games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and has enjoyed playing similar games such as Left 4 Dead (also developed by Turtle Rock) and Team Fortress 2, I got a feeling Evolve is going to feed right into that vein for me. Bonus points for having a really smart logo.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Selective Hearing’s coverage of PAX Prime 2014, where I detail the panels and other shenanigans I got into during the event.

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