PAX Prime 2014 – Probably No Wu-Tang Clan, Sadly


PAX Prime 2014 is almost here. From August 29  to September 1, I will be heading down to the Washington State Convention Center (the home for Sakura Con) for four, exhausting days of gaming.

The previous update for PAX was that I was gonna make it a double feature by also checking out the musical festival Bumbershoot to see the Wu-Tang Clan. Unfortunately, the closer we got to Bumbershoot, the tickets kept increasing, and for no other reason than my negligence, I never got around to buying them, and my budget won’t allow me to grab those tickets now (My hip-hop membership card is now revoked I bet).

But, I’ll make the most of the situation.

There aren’t a lot of panels that I want to go to this year, I may decide day of that I’ll go to a panel. but the two panels I and scheduling to see are the Giant Bomb panel (they probably won’t talk a lot of actual e-sports) and The Game Industry Rumble. There is also the Giant Bomb meetup happening on Friday night, which I was fortunate enough to RSVP for.

So really, I’m just gonna walk the floor, play some games, get into random board games with people and generally see what happens. If anyone has any requests on certain panels, let me know in the comments.

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