Perfume – Complete Best

Perfume -Complete Best- / Perfume

Before listening to this disc I didn’t really like a lot of Perfume’s songs. There was something about their sound that reminded me a lot of crappy Electro House. But I decided to give them another chance since they I started seeing them on every Japanese music show I watch.

After listening to this album I can say that I was wrong about this group. Their songs do have a strong Electro influence, but there are none of the annoying & repetitive elements that I hate so much about the genre. It’s probably the influx of J-Pop sensibilities that makes the music as good as it is.

Everything but the last track is an uptempo, happy pop kind of song. You figure hearing 11 tracks of that kind of music would be annoying but it’s not. There’s enough variety in each track to make the journey worthwhile. Time flies by quickly when playing this disc.

I only have one issue with this group. That has to do with the processed vocals in some of the songs. When the effect is on I can’t really tell who’s singing. I find it a little distracting, but not enough to make me hit the stop button. When the effect is off it’s a little easier to figure out the vocal differences between each member. They seem to be capable singers, none of them are out of tune or anything like that. I can’t really say much else until I hear something that focuses more on their voices instead of the music.

This is a great album & a perfect introduction to their music. I’m glad I gave them another shot.

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