Perfume – JPN

Perfume JPN

Release Date: November 30, 2011

Track Listing

  1. The Opening
  2. Laser Beam (Album Mix)
  3. Glitter (Album Mix)
  4. Natural ni Koi Shite
  5. My Color
  6. Toki no Hari
  7. Nee
  8. Kasuka na Kaori
  9. 575
  10. Voice
  11. Kokoro no Sports
  12. Have A Stroll
  13. Fushizen na Girl


JPN is Perfume’s long awaited follow up to Triangle. Arriving two years after their third album it features the singles Fushizen na Girl, Natural ni Koi Shite, Voice, Nee and Laser Beam and their associated b-sides. Also included on this album are the lead single Spice and its b-side Glitter.

That doesn’t exactly leave a lot of new material to absorb (4 tracks to be exact) so for those expecting a lot of new songs you’re going to be extremely disappointed. Some may be like, “Why am I buying a collection of singles I already have?” My answer to that is that’s the way J-Pop rolls. Just be happy you’re not getting as royally screwed as idol fans with their 400 editions with the same stuff other than the covers.

If you’re a fan of Perfume you’ve already decided to get this no matter what so I’m preaching to the wrong congregation.

For those who are still on the fence the 4 new songs on JPN do stay true to the tried and true Perfume Electro Pop formula. I wouldn’t be looking for a great advancement in their sound along the lines of say trying out some dub step or harder sounding productions. Nope, we are clearly in safe territory on this album.

The most interesting of the new songs is Toki no Hori. It’s the only song that sounds slightly different from everything else. It has a bit of a slow marching band, parade kind of vibe to it and it’s pretty cool for the short time that it lasts. (The song is just under 3 minutes) The other 3 tracks are as I stated earlier, par for the course. But if you’re looking for another song to invest some time in give My Color a listen as well.

JPN isn’t exactly what one would expect after two years of waiting. It’s nice that all the singles were put in one collection for those who may not have picked them up on their initial release. But for those who craved for new Perfume songs to freak out to this will be a huge let down. The only thing that may offset this is that you get a DVD with all the recent PV’s with the limited edition. That may take away some of the disappointment from lack of new material.

JPN (Regular Edition)

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JPN (Limited Edition)

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