Perfume – Love The World

Love The World / Perfume

This is Perfume’s 7th single (12th overall) & was released on July 9, 2008, It differs slightly from their previous releases. It’s still electro-pop, but the pop influence is much, much stronger on this one.

The result being their strongest single to date. If it debuts at #1 it’s got to be pretty damn good doesn’t it? Then again, chart position seems to be rather pointless these days I think. You’re at the top one week, then the next week you’re bumped off by the next new thing.

Anyway, this song is one that I believe deserved it’s #1 ranking. Pop doesn’t get more perfect than this. This track is very infectious & gets stuck in your head right away. Definitely one you could put on endless loop without getting sick of it. Amazing song, probably the best pop track I’ve heard this year.

The b-side on this single is called Edge & comes in 2 flavors. You have your standard radio edit & an extended version. The only difference being that the extended version has a longer intro & outro (very DJ friendly) & some sections are stretched out over a few more bars. The song starts out with a breathy intro & then the beat drops.

In comparison to Love The World this has a much harder feeling. It sounds a lot like a club song & I would love to drop this in a set one day. It’s on par in quality with the a-side although I believe that some may find it to be kind of annoying after a couple of spins.

I liked Perfume before this was released. Now I love them. I’ll buy a single of them burping over random electronic beeps if it’s equals the levels of greatness on this single.

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