Perfume – One Room Disco

One Room Disco / Perfume

Release Date: March 25, 2009

Track Listing

  1. One Room Disco
  2. 23:30
  3. One Room Disco (Instrumental)


One Room Disco continues Perfume’s streak of catchy singles. It can almost be called Chocolate Disco part 2 since both songs share many similarities including the repetitive use of the word “disco”. This song really messes with you at first because it starts out rather un-pop like with some strong electo style synths & pads riding along a slightly tribal beat. That doesn’t last very long as the song goes into total pop mode after. You’ll hardly notice that the song runs just over 5 minutes since it just goes full force with few breaks between the verses or chorus sections.

The b-side is 23:30 which has a chilled out, jazzy kind of groove to it.  I’m not used to hearing this kind of track from Perfume, but they sound really good over that kind of music.  A nice change of pace for sure.  What stood out for me was that there were no vocal effects added, so I could actually hear them sing unfiltered.  Some cool stuff indeed.

Overall this is an excellent package.  If their upcoming album contains more stuff like these songs it’ll be a definite must buy.

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