Perfume – Spending All My Time

Perfume Spending All My Time

Release Date: August 15, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Spending All My Time
  2. Point
  3. Hurly Burly
  4. Spending All My Time (Instrumental)
  5. Point (Instrumental)
  6. Hurly Burly (Instrumental)


Perfume’s 15th single keeps them within familiar Electro Pop territory. Basically that means there isn’t anything necessarily ground breaking or innovative with this song.

It’s more of the same old, been there done that kind of music that those who follow them know they can do in their sleep. I’m not really saying that the song is bad but it’s not really that good either. It’s kind of a step back for them as this sounds a lot like current American dance pop.

Given their global ambitions I guess that’s all right. Since we’re on that topic, most of the song is sung in English and it’s actually well pronounced. I guess these girls are serious about having people understand what they’re saying. Too bad the lyrics are basically the same 4 lines repeated. Perhaps that was intentional but it doesn’t make for an engaging listen worthy of repeated visits.

The 2 b-sides are a lot more interesting with Point standing out the most. I don’t believe that Perfume has taken on Drum & Bass before and it’s rather refreshing to hear them branch out to other Electronic music genres.

The production manages to keep things still light and poppy as to not alienate anyone who may not like Drum & Bass and in the end it’s a nice curve ball thrown into the standard Perfume sound. At the very least we should be thankful that Point was not turned into a Dubstep travesty. Dubstep and Perfume do not really compute in my mind.

In the end this was an okay release from Perfume. The a-side is definitely the weak point of the entire package with the b-sides being the more listen worthy songs.

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