Perfume – Tokyo Girl Review

Perfume Tokyo Girl CD Cover

Release Date: February 15, 2017

Track Listing

  2. Houseki no Ame
  3. TOKYO GIRL –Original Instrumental-
  4. Houseki no Ame –Original Instrumental-


TOKYO GIRL is Perfume’s 28th single release and it is the theme song for the drama series Tokyo Tarareba Musume. Its b-side Houseki no Ame was the CM song for Ora2 x Perfume Kuchimoto Project. This single contains a pair of songs that sound like logical follow-ups to their 2015 single STAR TRAIN. Meaning neither is going to be all out heart pounding four on the floor workouts.

The a-side is a subdued piece of electro pop that starts off with some heavily reverbed drums before dropping into the first verse and slowly building back up into the full track. It starts off slow but really gets going to the point where you do have something to bounce to midway through the track.

With some heavy effects set aside Perfume’s vocals on TOKYO GIRL are mostly untouched leaving you with a purer sounding performance. There are only small bits of studio wizardry used as small accents and transitions between sections of the song. So if you want to hear what the members sound like without the heavy vocal effects this is your chance.

Houseki no Ame is a straight up saccharine piece of pop music. It has a lighter and more airy feeling overall making it stark contrast to the a-side. This song is also more immediate in its impact and might be more appealing to those who find the a-side to be a little too much of a slow burn.

After two years without a Perfume single was this worth the wait? For the most part that would be a yes. Neither song here falls too far from Perfume’s past glories yet both are strong enough to at least get the hype started for their next round of singles and hopefully another album.



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