Perfume – Triangle

Triangle / Perfume

Release Date: July 8, 2009

Track Listing

  1. Take Off
  2. Love The World
  3. Dream Fighter
  4. Edge (Triangle Mix)
  5. Night Flight
  6. Kiss and Music
  7. Zero Gravity
  8. I Still Love U
  9. The Best Thing
  10. Speed of Sound
  11. One Room Disco
  12. Negai (Album Mix)


GAME was almost a damn near perfect album (IMO) and I was eagerly waiting for the release of Triangle.  I wondered if it could at least match (& maybe surpass) the precedent that GAME had set.

There is the familiar Electro-pop sound that made everyone love them on Love The World and Dream Fighter so it wasn’t a bad start to the album.   Things get more interesting when Edge starts up.  This is a remixed version that adds a few arrangement changes.  I’m not exactly a fan of this mix to be honest.

It sounds somewhat more cluttered with all that extra stuff thrown in.  I was glad that this had a much harder sound than the typical Perfume song as it was a nice change of pace.   But  I still prefer the simpler original version that appeared on the Love The World single.  Night Flight was another departure.

It’s kind of like a blend of 80’s synth pop, video game music and pop-house.  A strange combination but it works quite well.  It’s a very catchy track that instantly grabs a hold of you.  Much like Edge this stands out for being a (pleasing) deviation from what you would normally expect to hear from Perfume.

Zero Gravity and Speed Of Sound hit more conventional House territory which I found surprising since the only other Perfume song I’ve heard similar to these was Seventh Heaven.   They’re both quality tracks with Zero Gravity being a more straight up vocal track and Speed of Sound being more like Butterfly (from the GAME album) where it’s just mostly instrumental with some short vocal phrases here & there.

The rest of the songs on Triangle follow the same establish Perfume formula which isn’t exactly a bad thing since with the exception of  Negai they’re pretty solid songs.  It’s just that there wasn’t much (outside of the previously mentioned songs) that made them any different from what they’ve done before.

Yet with that said this is still an incredibly solid album that does in some ways equal (but does not surpass) GAME.  Perhaps if there were a few more less formulaic tracks I would think otherwise.

With all that said this was worth the wait and I highly recommend giving this a listen.

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