PINK CRES. – crescendo Review

PINK CRES. Crescendo Cover

Release Date: June 28, 2017

Track Listing

  1. fun fun fun
  3. Uwa no Sora
  4. Kirei Kawai Mirai
  5. Last Love
  6. Katasumi
  7. Warning ~Mirai Keihou~
  8. Tell me why
  9. Summer Wonderland


PINK CRES. are an UP-FRONT Create group consisting of former Berryz Koubou/Buono! member Natsuyaki Miyabi, Kobayashi Hikaru and Nihei Yuuka. Kobayashi and Nihei were the finalists of the second of the “2015 Natsuyaki Miyabi New Group Auditions” whose purpose was to find members to join her new musical unit. crescendo is their debut indies album and it features the lead songs fun fun fun and Kirei Kawai Mirai.

Once Berryz Koubou fell into the abyss of disbandment (yes disbandment, “indefinite hiatus” is just sugar coating the truth) one had to wonder whether Natsuyaki Miyabi’s rumored girl group would ever come to fruition. After all, the first audition failed to find anyone who would fit into whatever the image UP-FRONT had for this new unit formed around her. Thankfully the persistence to find members yielded the final lineup that makes up PINK CRES.

So what should one expect from PINK CRES. Are you going to get a hybrid of Natsuyaki’s former groups or will there be something else brought to the table to make this new group stand out without relying on the past glories of one of its members?

Well this album is definitely not anything like the typical UP-FRONT style of pop music. Sure, you get a little bit of that Buono! vibe from Kirei Kawai Mirai. and there are still the random faux Tsunku ad-libs placed liberally in Last Love.  But otherwise, the music on crescendo has a much fresher approach than one would expect.

While the pure pop oriented tracks like the lead songs and most of the beginning of the album are enjoyable pieces of music, it’s when the group gets kicked into the EDM influenced world that they really start to shine. Great examples of this are Uwa no Sora, Warning ~Mirai Keihou~ and Tell Me Why which make great use of a current pop music trends without watering down the content to the lowest common denominator or sounding like a re-tread of previously visited material from within the UP-FRONT female roster.

If you had any doubt about PINK CRES. before this album was released you will be very pleased to know that any fears about this group not living up to whatever hype you have generated for yourself will be easily quelled by crescendo. It is a very good first effort that lays the groundwork for what might be an exciting set of future releases if they follow up along the same path.

For those who might be on the fence or have a strong bias against the current roster of UP-FRONT girl groups I suggest you also give this a go. You may be pleasantly surprised by the end of your listening session.


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