pour lui – Minna no pour lui Review

Minna no Pour Lui Cover

Release Date: June 23, 2010

Track Listing

  1. I’m coming!!
  2. You too
  3. Story
  4. Raison d’être (れーぞんでーとる)
  5. Give me pain
  6. WHY?
  7. Kagirareta Toki no Naka de☆ (限られた時間の中で☆)
  8. One day
  9. Good Bye Scissors [Hidden iTunes Bonus Track]


pour lui is a Japanese new age rock singer and former leader of the idol group BiS. Minna no pour lui is her only solo album to date and it was released before she stopped her solo career to join BiS.

This album did not fare well on the Oricon chart and it failed to rank at all. For some people that might be an indication that this is not worth listening to. But that’s where the assumption is wrong.

If you decide to dive into this album you do get a glimpse into what would eventually become part of the signature sound of BiS. And if you weren’t paying attention to who the artist is, you could possibly mistake this as a pop oriented BiS album.

There were two previously released digital singles (Kagirareta Toki no Naka de and WHY?) that are excellent examples of what you should expect from this mini-album. It’s not exactly what people might expect to hear and how you processes that will depend on how much exposure you have had to pour lui before or after BiS.

I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest. I only really knew that pour lui had a solo career before BiS and nothing else further than that. After going through this mini-album a few times I do come away rather pleased with the entire listening experience.

And even though this album has aged just a wee bit it doesn’t necessarily sound like it when compared to more recent material pour lui has released. I’ll recommend giving it a chance on that fact alone.

Minna no pour lui


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