Q’ulle – Q&A Q’ulle and Answer Review

Q'ulle and Answer

Release Date: June 24, 2015

Track Listing

  1. Mic Check One Two
  2. Monster
  3. Not
  4. Deep Drive
  5. Do Say
  6. Heart Beat
  7. P
  8. Dolodolo
  9. Chain
  10. Oni
  11. F(i)ve
  12. Reason


Q’ulle are a 5-piece female pop group produced by Vocaloid producer and galaxias member DECO*27. Q&A Q’ulle and Answer is their debut album.

There isn’t much known about this group. Even their official site is bare bones about their history. From what I could gather the members of Q’ulle are, IKURA, YUZUKI, MAAM, MANAKO and YAKKO.

To date they have released 4 singles, one live DVD and this album. Yup, that’s it. Sorry to those looking for some something a bit deeper.

But despite the fact that it’s somewhat difficult to find some information on them, their music is a different story. Their sound can be described as mix of high-energy dance music and rock. And if that is your preferred style of idol music than you will not be disappointed with Q&A Q’uelle and Answer.

The groups 3 early singles (Mic Check One Two, Monster and Heart Beat) and their associated b-sides (Not, Oni and Chain) are present and are probably the songs you should go to first if you are unfamiliar with Q’ulle’s material. As expected those do make up the majority of the tracks on this album and there are some slim pickings in regards to new album cuts.

But proceed to Deep Drive and Reason if you want something comparable to the single songs. The other tracks are of varying quality and how you take them will depend on your tastes.

Overall this can be thought of a collection of Q’ulle’s works up to their third single with two decent album cuts and some filler spaced between. Whenever they get around to doing a second album there will hopefully be more original material to absorb. Still, it’s not a bad first kick at the can.

Q&A Q’ulle and Answer (Regular Edition)


Q&A Q’ulle and Answer (Limited Edition)


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