RAIN x JYP – Switch To Me (Selective Hearing Remix)

RAIN x JYP Switch To Me CD Cover

Release Date: December 31, 2020
Key: Db Major
BPM: 100

The end of 2020 brought about a collaboration single between RAIN and JYP entitled Switch To Me. The song is a New Jack Swing influenced slice of R&B/Pop that brings many happy memories to those who remember the genre’s days in its prime.

Besides being very catchy, Switch To Me’s music video is a hilarious game of two men chasing after the same woman. The ending of the video has a nice surprise twist as well.

I am old enough to remember New Jack Swing’s days, so Switch To Me is something that appeals to my taste in music. While I listen to many of the genre’s acts, I have yet to master replicating the music from that era.

Rather than make a mockery of one of the genres that shaped my youth, I decided to take inspiration from it and put my twist on Switch To Me. The final result is a laid back version of the song with New Jack Swing groove elements mixed with some funk and R&B.

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