Random Viewing: AKBingo! Ep. 402

On June 28, 2016 AKB48’s long running late night variety program AKBingo! changed hosts. For 395 episodes the program was hosted by comedy duo Bad Boys. (Kiyoto Omizo and Masaki Sata) Their replacements are the duo of Muramoto Daisuke and Nakagawa Paradise who go under the name of Woman Rush Hour.

Woman Rush Hour

From the first episodes featuring this duo as hosts one could notice that this would not be the same AKBingo! fans were accustomed to.

Woman Rush Hour Muramoto

Muramoto is a harsher MC than either of the Bad Boys members and his straight up creepy perviness right from the start made the program fit within the loosened constraints of the time slot
this program is shown at.

Ranking the members seating order based on looks and having the closest seat to the MC deemed the “sexual harassment” spot, along with a few other gags early on gave an early indication of what his hosting style will be like.

Woman Rush Hour AKBingo

Paradise? He looks like the straight man of the duo playing the Andy Richter to Muramoto’s sleazy version of Conan O’Brian so to speak. He has been the kinder and gentler side of the duo that perhaps the members of AKB show more favoritism to.


Like many fans I was shocked at the change in MC’s but unlike others, I decided to give this new duo a chance to see what type of dynamic they could create with the members and perhaps the audience as well. In my opinion it wasn’t until episode 401 that this show really started to gain some momentum with Woman Rush Hour leading the way. Having a man in his late 30’s compete with young girls in semi-athletic events for sweets under the guise of wanting to bond with them was brilliant.

Muramoto rode the fine line of being an underhanded ass and still being funny enough to bring the comedy and not hurt the members feelings too much when they played the games and lost. It’s one of the highlights of the duo’s short time on the program and it may change your mind about these new hosts if you were not on board with Bad Boys moving on.

That leads us to episode 402 of AKBingo! where the members play the High/Low game.  I’ll just be covering the more interesting points of the show and not the entire episode itself.

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