The rules of the High/Low game are to answer a series of questions and see who falls above or below the average of the group. At the start of the show the members are sorted by Muramoto based on looks and personality.


In this episode Owada Nana takes the coveted #1 spot while Komiyama Haruka is placed last much to her displeasure. It’s explained that she’s there not because of her looks but her personality dropped her ranking.


“How much is your monthly allowance?” is one of the questions the members were asked. This is not their salary but how much they are allowed to spend freely. The average allowance for AKB members turns out to be 37,500 yen.


As expected the older members are above average while the younger ones are below. It’s revealed that Kizaki Yuria is the big baller of the group with a 150,000 yen allowance which shocks many of the of the other members.

She says that she often treats her junior members to meals and follows the Kizaki family motto of “Wear nice clothes. If you’re going to eat well, eat well.” With that said she follows up with saying she eats out often. Nishino Miki adds to Kizaki’s baller status saying that she can’t cook and is unable to even rip the stem off a strawberry.


It’s at this point that Muramoto notices that Nishino’s way of speaking is like one of those people you see interviewed on the news about witnessing an accident.

On the other end of the spectrum is a member who receives 0 yen for her monthly allowance, Nakanishi Chiyori. She manages her own finances but is really cheap when buying clothes saying if you go to a cheap store you can buy more.

The lolis of Team 8 like Hayasaka get 5000 yen a month. Big baller Kizaki chimes in saying that amount is a single breakfast for her. She buys some fancy ass breakfasts apparently. The youngins on the other hand eat breakfast at home.


Kato Rena was assumed to be in the high roller section but apparently she has some shady stuff going on where she only carries 25,500 yen on her at all times. If she runs out of money her parents just give her more. She says she doesn’t eat out much and gets hand me down clothing. But she gets called out by Nakanishi for taking taxis everywhere instead of the train. She seems to be on the wrong side of the room.


The other topic of interest in this episode is “How many years younger can the person you date be?” The average for AKB is 1.625 years younger.


Kizaki and Murayama are okay with dating someone five years younger. Yuria in particular is into younger people according to the other members. She is personally okay with dating 15 year olds who are either in the 9th or 10th grade. I find it amazing that Kizaki is already a cougar at 20 years old prowling middle schools for prey. She is exactly like Wooderson in Dazed and Confused.


Kato on the other hand wants a person who can settle down and doesn’t want a player. She’s okay with a person in their 30’s with her limit being 35. Muramoto comments that there are a lot of 36 year olds watching in their living rooms suffering at being too old for Rena.


The upper age limit is also revealed with the average being 10.06 years older. Ogasawara is okay with dating someone who is 23 years older than her. So that means she’s ready to get down with a 45 year old. She clarifies that she is good with anyone older, even if they are at death’s door.


Her type is Sakurai from Mr. Children. She likes the wrinkles around his eyes. Nakanishi’s upper limit is anyone not older than her father to which Komiyama agrees saying she wants to get spoiled. She gets called out by Tano for being a gold digger who will take advantage of the situation by asking the guy to buy her nice stuff.

Komiyama thinks that everyone has a bad impression of her. Muramoto adds it’s not just the members but also the people at home watching as well. And that is where the show ends.

This episode was not exactly full of the wackiness of Japanese variety shows but it still entertained with the answers that the members gave. Kizaki Yuria being a rich cougar was probably the biggest take away from this show.