Random Viewing – TakeoRey’s Movie Month Rankings – April

Random Viewing – TakeoRey’s Movie Month Rankings – April

During the month of April, my selection of movies have been cut due to a busier schedule and a few big PS4 games such as Ni no Kuni 2, Yakuza 6, and God of War taking priority. However, I was able to get a great group of anticipated movies in and here is how I rank them. Warning, this article will contain MINOR spoilers.

#1 – Avengers: Infinity War

The culmination of 10 years of movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it was everything everyone wanted and more. Following all these heroes over the years brings an ultimate team up against the evil Thanos. He wants to gather the Infinity Stones to get rid of half of the life in the universe with a snap of his fingers. As a Marvel movie goes, you get a lot of action, great fights, lots of jokes, great call backs, so Infinity War is no different. What I wasn’t expecting was a lot of back story concerning Thanos. There are times you understand why he is the way he is and you can empathize with his actions and what he does. 

Did have a few little gripes. It was cool to see Bruce and Hulk fight amongst each other about who should fight. I just expected to see more of the Hulk fighting.

Why is it that Iron Man’s team did so amazingly well against Thanos while Captain America’s team just got bodied in slow motion? Yeah I know he had an extra Infinity Stone by that time and Cap’s team already took on most of Thanos’s army but I wished they took it to him a little bit more.

Why did Thor show up so late when Cap’s team asked everyone to converge to protect Vision? He could have given Thanos a run for his money even with all the stones he collected. Maybe because he didn’t have a communicator like the rest of the team and was too busy wrecking Thanos’s army?

The ending really got to the people in my theater. I could hear the audience audibly gasp or say “No” during the ending. The loudest reactions were to Black Panther’s and Spider-Man’s disappearances. Of course, Nick Fury had us all laughing one more time.

Infinity War has become my most favorite Avengers movie and it’s probably in a three way tie for my favorite Marvel movie with Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther. I look forward to the next Avengers movie but damn that wait…


#2 – Isle of Dogs

I’ve never seen a Wes Anderson film before but after seeing the trailers for Isle of Dogs, I was super interested and I felt compelled to catch this film. I was immediately attracted to the stop motion art style. It was very highly detailed. You can freeze any scene of the movie and spend minutes admiring the artwork. Amazing story, its especially endearing to dog owners. It takes “looking for a lost dog” story to another level that included uncovering a government conspiracy, cats versus dogs, survival of the fittest with a dash of a love story.. After I left the movie, I wanted to go out and get a dog of my own, or at least play with one of my friend’s dogs.  


#3 – Blockers

Silly movie with a different take on a high school prom movie but from the side of the over protective parents. A lot better than I thought. I sided more with the kids though. Didn’t get too crazy over the top with the jokes, aside from the beer enema scene. John Cena has some great funny scenes. Loved the parent/daughter dynamic of the three main storyline family couplings.


#4 – Super Troopers 2

Has some good jokes, a few call backs to the first movie. It felt like the movie came out fifteen years too late. It did feel good to the see the characters again, but it didn’t feel like anything special. Didn’t miss them at all.


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