Random Viewing – TakeoRey’s Movie Month Rankings – June

I have more than made up for the last month’s lack of viewing with June’s movies. July is looking to be a bit thin for me as I will be focused on work for most of the monthLet’s get started and breakdown this month’s movie viewing.

Warning, this article will contain SPOILERS.

#1 – Incredibles 2 

As with all Pixar movies, have to start with the animated short called Bao.

Bao is the Pixar short about a Chinese-Canadian woman suffering from empty nest and gets a second shot at motherhood when one of her handmade dumplings comes alive and becomes her new son. With the reactions of the short being quite split in opinions, I was able to easily relate to the feelings of the Asian mother/son dynamic. I did love the style of graphics as it was very well themed in Chinese culture. I can laugh at the stages of childhood that the Dumpling goes through but never forgetting that it’s a freaking dumpling and it gets smushed. It was a very cute short.

Personal Highlights

  • The reaction from the mom when the Dumpling brings home a white girl, that’s how my mom felt every time I brought a girl home that wasn’t Filipino. It was a nice laugh because it was the base reaction but of course it was always worse once the girlfriend wasn’t around. She scared a few girls that I dated away quite frequently. On the other hand, my father was always nice to the girls I was dating. Too bad we never got to see much of the father in the short. I have quite a few friends who also could relate on that topic.


Incredibles 2

The first Incredibles movie was one of my favorite Pixar movies back in day. I couldn’t wait for the release of Incredibles 2 and after 14 years, it just felt like a perfect sequel. It picks right up at the end of the first movie when the Underminer comes to terrorize the city. Unfortunately the Incredibles and Frozone get caught up in a political war of the illegal status of Supers. In order to change public opinion of Supers, they team up with Winston and Evelyn Deavor to bring Supers into a positive light with Elastigirl as the main star. This puts Mr. Incredible in charge of the kids in a complete flip flop of roles in the first movie with more hilarious results. All while battling the new enemy, Screenslaver.

If you loved the first Incredibles, you should watch this movie. It has more action, more laughs, more Supers, more cool fights. All with the Pixar flair backed by the complete cast (almost) and director Brad Bird.

Personal Highlights

  • Love the fact that Dash was watching and episode of Johnny Quest. Had to remind myself that the movie was set in the 60s.
  • The scene where Elastigirl fight Screenslaver in his strobe room almost had me freak out because of all the flashing lights in that scene. It was so cool.
  • Jack-Jack’s fight with the raccoon had my whole theater in stitches. I was laughing so hard at the fact that his main rival was with this raccoon.
  • Edna Mode becoming Aunt Edna to Jack-Jack was great. I wish we got to see more of her. Loved how she knocked the current outfits they all were wearing.



#2 – American Animals

American Animals is a story about four men trying to steal a priceless book called The Birds of America by John James Audubon. The movie mainly follows Spencer and Warren, two students who pretty much were bored with their suburban college life and decided to change their destiny by trying to get rich quick through robbing a very expensive library.

I watched this movie after seeing Ocean’s 8 and I found this to be the better robbery/thief movie 100 percent. Instead of trying to pull off the perfect heist, you get to see the carefully crafted and long breakdown on how they planned their attack, especially with dealing with the librarian and the group’s conflict with not inflicting harm to her. What was very interesting was that you got to see the real life characters that were involved in the story. I loved how they put their real life spin on the actions each of their characters put into the lead up and days of the event. It felt like a dramatic reenactment yet made the characters feel very humanized especially since none of them were criminal masterminds.

Personal Highlights

  • The rower that Chas uses reminded me of the rower in movie Thoroughbreds even though they have nothing related.
  • Loved the argument about who was going to be Mr. Pink and the fact that Eric called Reservoir Dogs the worst Tarantino movie.
  • Poor Betty Jean Gooch, the librarian…



#3 – Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? is a documentary about the life of Fred Rogers and the behind the scenes of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Told by his family and the people that worked with him during the show, you can tell how much of an impact Rogers had with each of them. Another aspect of the film highlights who his puppets were portrayed after with a heavy inclination that Daniel Striped Tiger was really Fred Rogers as a child. They use animated scenes with Daniel to narrate some of Fred’s lines in the movie. The focus of the movie was really how he connected with children and how he explained to them about life’s many obstacles like divorce. You get to see him confront many social problems at the time like assassinations, racism, kids impersonating superheroes and so on.

This is a perfect documentary for anyone who grew up with Mr. Rogers. You already know the opening song and it just rings in your heart hearing it again. It makes you happy leaving the theater and it’s his presence is something we are really missing now in 2018.

Personal Highlights

  • Never realized Mr. Rogers kept recording episodes until 2000. It was a shocker to me because I had watched him a lot growing up.
  • They showed a reel of the cartoons that were “loud” to them and I knew everyone of them, Transformers, TMNT, and GI Joe being the highlights.
  • Showing Rogers interact with Koko the Gorilla was very timely as she recently passed away around the time I watched the movie.
  • Out of all the episodes they could have mentioned, there was one where he was stacking cups and one burying a dead fish from his fish tank that I can remember watching as a kid.


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