Random Viewing – TakeoRey’s Movie Month Rankings – May

Random Viewing – TakeoRey’s Movie Month Rankings – May

It turns out that my May movie month wasn’t as packed as I thought. There were a lot of poorly reviewed movies that I just couldn’t even chance suffering through, even with MoviePass. Plus I spent a lot of time with God of War for the majority of the month. However, I was able to my top three movies in and here is how I rank them. Warning, this article will contain SPOILERS.


#1 – Deadpool 2

Like the first Deadpool? Who didn’t? It was the perfect blockbuster movie for the Merc with a Mouth with the perfect actor playing him, Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool 2 is more of the same with 50% more of everything, action, jokes, cameos, and story. The main highlight of the story was introducing Cable coming after a young Firefist and how Deadpool gets crossed up in the mess. We also get to see Deadpool assemble x-Force with Domino and Peter being the highlights of the “team.” Domino manages to steal a bunch of the fight scenes with memorable slow motion action shots and a few gruesome kills. In the end, Deadpool gets his version of Guardians of the Galaxy when the B-team of X-men join up to take down Juggernaut. It’s a non-stop comedy film that was needed after the super serious tone of the Avengers: Infinity War. It will bring a giant smile to anyone’s face.

Personal Highlights

  • “Pump the hate brakes, Thanos” had me laughing more than it should have.
  • Brad Pitt as Vanisher
  • Did not see Juggernaut being a part of the movie. I marked out as much as Deadpool did when he showed up
  • Seeing the cast of X-men: Dark Phoenix show up and basically shun Deadpool away when he was looking for them while he as on Xavier’s wheelchair was so funny for so many reasons.
  • The shots at all the DC Universe movies, keep them coming!
  • The after credits ending made everything right in the universes, seeing Hugh Jackman, killing off the first Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds before he makes Green Latern. I love the meta jokes.


#2 – Solo: A Star Wars Story

Even with all the drama of the different directors, Solo: A Star Wars Story ended up being a very entertaining origin story for Han. We got to see what drove him to be who he was, how he met Chewie and Lando, how he became the universe’s famous smuggler. We are introduced to two main characters who would shape Han into the person we know; Qi’ra who was Han’s childhood friend and ex-girlfriend played by Emilia Clarke, and Tobias Beckett who was Han’s mentor played by Woody Harrelson. You get to see how Han evolves with their influence, from taking his first bounty mission to running into Lando Calrissian and seeing the Millennium Falcon for the first time. Seeing Han and Chewie meet for the first time and their relationship flesh out just seemed natural and fit with their combination. We even get to see the famed Kessel Run brought into reality as well and I felt it lived up to the epic backstory that had been talked about for such a long time.

Do you need to see it if you are Star Wars lifelong fan? Probably not.
What if Han Solo is your favorite Star Wars Character? It’s the origin story that you really don’t need to see, but it wouldn’t hurt if you did.

Personal Highlights

  • Seeing Han and Qi’ra mess up their escape in the speeder made me smile. Han tries to be smooth but does mess up a few times. I’m glad the brought this trait along in Solo.
  • Han screwing Lando out of the Millennium Falcon was great.
  • L3 as the cocky “better than you” droid was funny. “I can feel you looking at me.”
  • Qi’ra knows Teras Kasi! Man that videogame was horrible but everyone I knew played it back on the PS1.
  • Warwick Davis! Ray Park! Darth Maul!


#3 – Tully

In Tully, Charlize Theron plays Marlo, a mother of two kids and pregnant with another struggling to keep her sanity together. We learn very early that her son is a special needs kid with a development disorder and she tries to balance that realization with the troubles of her incoming child as well as her physical problems after child birth. Her brother had mention the key to his and his wife’s success was hiring a night nanny to which Marlo refused to think about because of her pride getting in the way. She finally gives in and meets with her nanny named Tully. Tully turns out to bee a young free spirit that was able to take care of the new baby with no problems. This led to Marlo getting some sleep, getting her life in some semblance of order, as well as finding a new friend in Tully.

The big twist is that we find out Marlo and Tully are one in the same person, Tully being who Marlo was before she settled down and got married with kids. Marlo becomes hospitalized after a car crash and suffering extreme exhaustion. We get a little montage of her basically doing everything Tully did which led her to being extremely exhausted in the first place. We even see Tully saying goodbye to Marlo one last time. 

The first part of the movie was a rough watch. I don’t know how some mom’s can do it, deal with screaming kids, everyone questioning if you are doing the right thing as a mother, getting opinions from random strangers about things like decaf coffee. There are some that can do it and not seem to break a sweat, but here Marlo was having mental breakdowns left and right. It really showed an ugly side to having kids and I’m really grateful that I don’t have any of my own.



June will be a lot better month as tons of summer flicks will be released. Won’t You Be My Neighbor? and Incredibles 2 are tops of my list. Stay tuned for my reviews next month!


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