Random Viewing: WWE Cruiserweight Classic Round 2 (Week 6)


Week 6 of the CWC starts with a recap of Week 5’s matches showing Gran Metalik & Kota Ibushi’s victories with various highlights. Daniel Bryan & Mauro Ranallo open the show emphasizing the awesomeness of the Alexander/Ibushi match.

Akira Tozawa vs. Jack Gallagher

BigFreaky: Strong Style vs. Old School British Catch. Gallagher wrestles most of the match working on various types of submissions, tying up Tozawa at every chance, and you can clearly see how Akira is getting agitated. Both men work to their strengths the entire match.

Akira with massive strikes and Jack with various stretches and holds. Gallagher spending much time working on Tozawa’s legs in hopes of possible taking away his greatest weapon the German Suplex. Seemingly enough, just when you think Akira can take no more punishment, striking out of nowhere, Tozawa hits a Snap German Suplex and follows up with the Dead Lift German to earn the win over Gallagher.

Greg: Gallagher’s video package from round 1 is replayed again mixed with clips from his first round match including the dropkick to the face that got him to round 2. Tozawa’s video opens with him saying the crowd jacks him up and that he will never give up or back down. He says his German Suplex is the best in the industry while clips of him finishing Kenneth Johnson with said move are shown.

Ranallo and Bryan mention this match will be a clash of styles as both men lock up. Early ground combos leading to an Indian Death lock that frustrates Tozawa as he drags himself to the ropes to break the hold. They lock up again and Tozawa gets Gallagher in to a head lock which he counters with a fancy leverage handstand.

Gallagher then ties up Tozawa into a straight jacket that he can’t escape from and punts him in the ass causing much frustraion once Tozawa gets back on his feet.

Fast and furious action with Tozawa gaining the upper hand. Slam into a senton for a near fall. Chop battle leads to him faking a chop and jabbing Gallagher hard in the jaw. Tozawa misses a corner move and gets downed by Gallagher whose expression becomes very serious.

Gallagher starts attacking Tozawa’s legs with various submission holds and hard strikes. Tozawa manages to escape the attacks and counters with a big boot to Gallagher’s face. He tries to take advantage but Gallagher’s technique allows him to catch Tozawa with a heel hook that forces him to break the hold quickly or tap.

At this point he can barely stand on his leg but powers through pain to german suplex Gallagher. He then follows up with the delayed German into a bridging pin for the win. Tozawa moves on to face Gran Metalik in round 3.

Noam Dar vs. Hoho Lun

BigFreaky: Another match that is quite a mix of styles, Aerial vs. Technical. Lun tries to keep the pace of the match quick and Dar is not having it. Noam works on HoHo’s leg trying to keep him grounded. But Lun shows his resilience and fights thru the beating.

The damage however is evident. HoHo’s moves aren’t as crisp and punishing as they could be. A few power moves come up empty for HoHo and Noam continues his focus. The never ending assault on Lun’s knee/leg is his downfall as Dar, locks in the kneebar, (the same way in which he won the last match) for the tapout finish.

Greg: The Scottish Supernova vs. the father of HK Wrestling. That is what this is hyped up as before the match promos begin.

Ranallo says Hoho Lun surprised a lot of people with his first round victory. Quick movement to start the match with quick exchanges until Noam Dar catches Lun with a dragon screw leg whip and a low dropkick to the knee.

Dar begins to take control continuing to work Lun’s knee. Lun comes back briefly with a kick to Dar’s head. But Dar takes back control quickly as the fans chant his last name to the melody of the Imperial March.

He shows a vicious streak grinding down on Lun’s knee and keeping him grounded. Lun manages to get back on his feet and get to the corner. He boots Dar in the face as he runs in and starts his comeback with a Michinoku Driver and a fisherman’s suplex.

Lun’s injured leg is preventing him from moving effectively and hitting his moves crisply. He gets pulled into a knee bar by Dar and submits.

Dar looked very good in this match using smart offense. Lun on the other hand, did not look as awkward as he did in the first round. So that’s improvement I guess.

Hiro: This was a fix. Lun lost because he would not accept the coolie wages he was being offered. Him not moving on won’t be a big deal. He’ll make huge money in Japan when he headlines Wrestle Kingdom in a 3-way match against Captain New Japan and Kaji Tomato. WWE fans don’t deserve the greatness that is Hoho Lun.

Brian Kendrick vs. Tony Nese

BigFreaky: Tony is a house of fire right out of the gate, and has The Brian on his heels as Tony assaults him with move after move, and dive after dive. It seems that Nese has the match on lockdown, but Kendrick is a crafty veteran that can worm and weasel his way out of many situations.

If ever there was a match that spotlighted “intestinal fortitude” this match is it. Both men give it all they’ve got. No tricks left in either of the men’s proverbial bag. Kendrick finds some openings and really tries to steal the match with many more pinfall attempts compared to Tony. This smash mouth of a match continues well past the halfway point of the 20 minute time limit.

Nese starts showing a little bit of concern and tries to pick up the pace some more, but The Brian bides his time and locks in the Bully Choke one more time after a missed 450 by Tony, For the submission win.

Greg: Ranallo says that Brian Kendrick at 37 knows that his window for success is closing. Tony Nese on the other hand is here to show people that he’s the real deal and he should have been in the WWE before this tournament.

The match begins with Kendrick getting clobbered by Nese with a kick to the face and then many elbows and knees.
The veteran rolls out of the ring for a break but Nese chases him down and hits a superkick on the outside of the ring. Nese gets Kendrick back in the ring for a quick near fall.

Kendrick comes back after fish hooking Nese’s nose and proceeds to beat Nese down in the corner. That is short lived as Nese ducks Kendrick with a matrix counter and hits some flashy moves.

He gets too aggressive and Kendrick starts using some shady tactics to ground Nese and lock in a submission hold. Nese powers out with forearm shots and goes for a moonsault and misses. Kendrick locks on an arm submission on the fallen Nese. Some maneuvering on the ground until Nese manages to break the hold. Kendrick gets pushed to the outside where Nese hits him with a flippy shit type move.

Nese gets Kendrick back in the ring and goes on the offensive. He hits a falcon arrow and a lariat for a couple of near falls. A 450 splash attempt fails and Kendrick takes advantage grounding Nese again and putting him into the arm submission. Nese powers out of the hold and buckle bombs Kendrick.

Sit out power bomb by Nese leads to a very near fall. Both men start to strike back and forth with Kendrick taking the worst of the damage. Nese goes for the 450 splash and misses. Kendrick immediately slaps on the Bully Choke for the submission win.

Kendrick moves on to round 3 to face Kota Ibushi.

This was a great match with Kendrick showing some sort of strange indestructibility and Nese pulling out a variety of moves a man his size should not be able to do.

Round 2 continues next week with the following matches:

Lince Dorado vs. Rich Swann
Zack Sabre Jr vs. Drew Gulak
Johnny Gargano vs. TJ Perkins