Rania – Dr. Feel Good

Rania Dr. Feel Good

Track Listing

  1. Dr. Feel Good (English Version)
  2. Dr. Feel Good (Korean Version)
  3. Masquerade (English Version)
  4. Dr. Feel Good (Instrumental)
  5. Masquerade (Instrumental)



Rania is a female vocal/dance group from South Korea who are in the same mold as the plethora of girl groups that are churned out of that country almost daily.

What differs them from their competition is that they have Teddy Riley (of Guy and Blackstreet), the pioneer of the New Jack Swing sound and producer of many popular acts (Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Amerie, Lady GaGa) as one of the men behind the boards on this single.

And if you still don’t know who Teddy Riley is after all that name dropping you need a straight up slap upside the head and some education.

That is a benefit to the group as they definitely don’t come to the game with the typical K-Pop fare. Dr. Feel Good has a sleazy, dirtier kind of sound that will be of most interest to those who like sexual innuendo cranked up to the max. But don’t let the whole super whore front fool you, these women can sing.

In the hands of lesser vocalists this song would probably not be as good as it should be beyond the whole slutty image. ¬†With that said it’s still fairly tame and is no less harmful or cheesy than the average Pussycat Dolls song.

The b-side Masquerade is the song intended for release in America. It’s an okay dance track but nothing that will really stand out. It would be a better idea to scrap the plans for this song & release Dr. Feel Good in America instead. I think it would kind of stand a chance out here.

I found this to be rather refreshing from the bombardment of Electro Pop and 60’s throwback releases from similar groups. Whether Rania can actually continue with this entire sleazy kind of sound (& image) is debatable. But for a debut, great stuff.

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