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Track Listing

  1. I Rave U
  2. House Nation feat. Lisa
  3. 1 More Night feat. Monkey Majik


Ravex Analog is a vinyl promo for Ravex’s upcoming album that features some club friendly tracks.  I Rave U is an early 90’s style dance track that reminds me a lot of songs from 2 Unlimited or L.A. Style.  I grew up on that kind of stuff so I found it to be a nice throwback.  Others may find it kind of cheesy if they’re not used to that kind of sound.  The version of that song on this promo is without DJ Ozma.

House Nation is a more modern House track with a few Electro touches.  The music itself is some pretty sweet stuff & features vocals by LISA.  I thought the lyrics were kind of lame but it’s a pure party track, in that context it’s expected.  1 More Night is the most commercial sounding  song here.  In comparison to the previous songs it’s pretty mellow.  It would be a good fit early in a set, whereas the previous songs are more peak-time fare. The vocals on 1 More Night are sung by Monkey Majik & are entirely in English.

Overall, a pretty good teaser for what’s to come.