Ravex feat. BoA – Believe In Love

Believe in Love feat.BoA / ravex

Release Date: February 18, 2009

Track Listing

  1. Believe In Love feat. BoA
  2. Golden Luv feat. Maki Goto
  3. Mega Ravex feat. Anna Tsuchiya, BoA, DJ Ozma, Lisa, Maki Goto, Monkey Majik, Tohoshinki, TRF & Yuko Ando


The best way to describe BoA’s collaboration with Ravex is to call it an electronic music ballad.  Combining strong kicks and buzzy synths with a soft keyboard melody and dramatic string sections.  This song reminds me a lot of the lower tempo stuff that Daft Punk does every once in a while.  I have no complaints with the vocal performance as BoA sounds as good as ever.  I noticed a couple of distortion effects on the vocal track but they were used rather sparingly so I didn’t find them distracting.

The b-side is Golden Luv featuring  Maki Goto that starts off rather simple with a few echoed piano chords and some wavy string synths during the verses and evolves into a full on club track that adds delayed horn stabs and a deep, filtered bass line during the chorus.  Ever since Goto signed to Avex she’s been getting some strong material to work with and this is no exception.  She sounds like she fits right in over these club oriented songs.  I wouldn’t mind hearing her do a few more tracks within this genre.

The third track is a megamix meant to promote Ravex’s full length album.  It does its job, but I didn’t find it anything special and would have preferred an instrumental of the a-side or another album cut.

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