Ray – Secret Arms Review


Release Date: July 29th, 2015

Track Listing

1. Secret Arms
2. Lovely Storm
3. Secret Arms (Instrumental)
4. Lovely Storm (Instrumental)


Standing as the opening theme for the anime series To Love-ru Darkness 2ndSecret Arms is anime songstress Ray’s sixth single overall, and the first of hers to come under my radar. Upon first hearing the title song, I was rather compelled to listening to the accompanying track to see if the entire single was to my taste.

Secret Arms is truly enjoyable. Catchy and memorable, both songs are worth a few listens, especially the coupling track Lovely Storm, a song that has become a personal favourite of mine since I found out about Ray and her latest release. Secret Arms is equally great as well, it’s just that there is something about Lovely Storm that grabs my attention as a listener. It’s cute and has a little more bounce to it than the title track, leaning towards more of an Idol pop sound, allowing it to feel inviting. Secret Arms instead holds that memorable anime sound, which it should do given that it’s an anime track and all, and whilst it may not my favourite of the two, it is an interesting listen. I enjoy the contrast between the verse and chorus the most, and as per with any song, I find the instrumental break wonderful.

Ray’s voice is also very alluring for myself as a listener. It isn’t overly sweet, and it has this smooth quality to it, most likely thanks to some editing in the studio. Either way, I enjoy both the voice and the songs when it comes to Secret Arms as a single.

To conclude: It’s fun and cute, and it’s for an anime, so of course it would appeal to myself and many others. So if you like any of these qualities in a single, then definitely check this one out, as it may just appeal to you.

“To Love-Ru – Trouble – Darkness 2nd (TV Anime)” Intro Theme Song: Secret Arms [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

“To Love-Ru – Trouble – Darkness 2nd (TV Anime)” Intro Theme Song: Secret Arms [Regular Edition]


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