Red Velvet – Bad Boy (Selective Hearing Remix)

Red Velvet The Perfect Red Velvet

Release Date: January 29, 2018
Key: D Major
BPM: 75

Bad Boy is the lead track for Red Velvet’s album The Perfect Red Velvet. It’s a Hip-Hop/R&B song that is considered the fifth to follow their “Velvet” concept. That means that the group goes in a more mature and sexy direction, both musically and image-wise.

Red Velvet – Bad Boy (2018)

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Red Velvet – Bad Boy [Instrumental] (2018)

The original version has a flirty nature and is a throwback to ’90s R&B driven by a synth melody and heavy bass line.

So for my take on the song, I tried to keep everything as simple as possible. I had a beat saved for a different K-Pop song (Dreamcatcher’s Scream) that didn’t quite work out and decided to use it for this instead. Surprisingly the drum programming I had done mostly worked for Bad Boy. There were a few minor changes to fit the vocals’ nuance, but it was a smooth transition otherwise.

Rather than emulate the original vibe, I decided to move the song into a different style and feel by playing with the various types of sounds for each of the musical elements, except for the bass, which was going to remain just as prominent for my remix.

The final result is something that stays within the R&B realm but still differentiates itself from the original version.

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