Red Velvet – Queendom (Selective Hearing Remix)

Red Velvet Queendom Queens Version Cover

Release Date: August 16, 2021
Key: F Major
BPM: 120

Queendom is the title track from Red Velvet’s ninth mini-album. It’s a straightforward dance-pop song that is atypical of the current style of music that SM is releasing these days.

A song such as Queendom has a lot of uplifting energy and overwhelming positivity in its lyrics, so putting a different twist on it without losing that aspect of the song was a challenge.

There are several directions one can go with this song, several of which I heard executed to varying degrees of success while searching online for official and unofficial remixes to listen to what others have done.

What I decided to do with my remix is to dip my toes back into the pool of pop-influenced 2-step/ and four on the floor style garage. Taking the lessons learned from past attempts in these genres, I constructed something to give the song some edge without losing its uniqueness.

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