Rev. from DVL – Love Arigatou Review

Rev from DVL Love Arigatou

Release Date: April 16, 2014

Track Listing


  1. Love –Arigatou-
  2. Ai ni Kinshai
  3. Rarirureru Love
  4. + Instrumental Versions


  1. Love –Arigatou-
  2. Ai ni Kinshai
  3. Wanna Be
  4. + Instrumental versions


  1. LOVE-arigatou- (ミュージックビデオ) / Rev.from DVL
  2. LOVE-arigatou- (メイキング映像)
  3. Rev.from DVL の自己紹介 <前編> (特典映像)


  1. 逢いにきんしゃい (ミュージックビデオ) / Rev.from DVL
  2. 逢いにきんしゃい (メイキング映像)
  3. Rev.from DVL の自己紹介 <後編> (特典映像)


Rev. from DVL are a Fukuoka based Japanese idol group formed in June 2011. Their name is an abbreviation for Revolution Dance Vocal Lesson. They gained major attention in 2013 when one of their members Hashimoto Kanna went viral on the Internet because of her cuteness.

In April of 2014 they released their major label debut single Love –Arigatou- which also happens to be the CM song for a Jounan-Kensetsu campaigns starring Hashimoto Kanna and the other members of the group.

This single comes in two versions with the only difference being a supplementary b-side on each type released and different music videos on each DVD.

As mentioned above the great hype around this group has to do with one particular member. And if you like Hashimoto that’s great, but does the group she’s a part of release anything worth listening to?

That’s rather subjective isn’t it? In general the answer is a cautious yes. Rev. from DVL doesn’t exactly break the mold when it comes to idol music but if you’re comfortable with typical idol fare than what is on here should be o’tay.

Should you decide to dive into this it appears that the b-sides do seem to be the better songs with the contenders for immediate listening being Ai ni Kinshai and Wanna Be.

Otherwise go ahead and soak in everything and see if this group is for you.

Love -Arigatou- (Type A)


Love -Arigatou- (Type B)


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