Rhymeberry – Hey! Brother

Rhymeberry Hey Brother

Release Date: July 11, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Hey! Brother
  2. Rhymeberry Iz… 2012 Live Tape
  3. Ich Liebe Dich (Hikaru Mix)


RHYMEBERRY are part of an emerging number of groups who inject Hip-Hop elements into the typical idol formula and Hey! Brother is their debut single.

Sure you may have heard “rapping” in lots of idol songs and probably have wet your pants at the fact that they’re actually spitting verses.  If you’re a Hip-Hop head like I am, then you scoff at the attempts at rhyming that many idols in both J-Pop and K-Pop try to pass as convincing then you may find this group to be a breath of fresh air.

Consisting of three MC’s (MC HIME, MC YUKA, MC MIRAI) and one DJ (DJ HIKARU), RHYMEBERRY are an offshoot of the Usa Usa Shoujo Club.  Who? Yeah, I never heard of them before either.  But apparently this sub-unit is more popular than their parent group.

After listening to this set of songs it’s easy to see why.

First, their sound is more old school than the current Hip-Pop/R&B hybrid that has taken over in the past few years.  That may shock more than a few people who think that P. Diddy invented the remix or think that L’il Wayne is the greatest MC ever.

Since they are idols there aren’t any hard New York grimy beats so don’t expect RZA Wu-Tang like soundscapes.  Even though that would be epic what you get instead is party music meant to get the crowd hyped.

Second, these girls have some semblance of skill and are not typical of the token members who are given the role of “rapper”.  There aren’t many decent MC’s in idol land (with a few exceptions) so if you want to hear some lyrical dexterity on display definitely go straight to Rhymeberry Iz (2012 Live Tape) to get a taste of what isn’t normally heard from idols.

The a-side isn’t half bad either.  It has the theme of looking up to an older brother so the content is safe for work.  There’s no profanity or yankee posturing here.  It’s all about that positivity.  Somehow hearing “Nyan” in a Hip-Hop song is not as strange as I had expected.

I must thank my peeps at New School Kaidan for tuning me into this group.  RHYMEBERRY’s stuff is pretty hard to find but if you’re lucky enough to get a hold of this the effort is well worth it.

Hey! Brother

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