Rocket Punch – Ring Ring (Selective Hearing Remix)

Rocket Punch Ring Ring Album Cover

Release Date: May 17, 2021
Key: A Major
BPM: 166

Ring Ring is the lead song from Rocket Punch’s first Korean single of 2021. It falls under synthwave/newtro sound that has become popular in contemporary American and Korean pop music. The original version is an uptempo and bubbly piece that will remind many who are old enough to remember the glory of the music of the 80s.

My remix of Ring Ring is not as openly exuberant and starts with a slow burn before getting into full gear once the first chorus hits. I’m in the age bracket, which was very young during the 80s, so I didn’t necessarily absorb the era’s music that inspired this song. It was more background noise to me that I would learn to appreciate later in life.

So it was kind of hard for me to go full-on retro for this project. I did my best to use similar instruments and sounds to keep the same feeling as the original in some way. The final result, I believe, managed to capture the spirit of the original version while allowing me to put my twist on the song.

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