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Day 3 was the last day of the con & the schedule of stuff to do was light. I woke up early (like 3 hours of sleep) and met my friend for a trip to the merch booths to see what was left of the Berryz stuff & to see what else was there.

We both ended up buying the same 2L individual photos & I ended up cock blocking my friend by taking the last of the captain pictures in the school girl uniforms. He was mad, because he had to buy a mismatch from another set to complete his Berryz collection. So that’s twice I’ve cock blocked people from getting goods. =p

During our time at the JapanFiles/Hello! Store USA we overheard a woman confirming what time the prize drawing was at. I saw the tweet when I woke up that it was at 15:15 but word was going around that it was at 15:45. Dave confirmed the first start time was correct and being the trouble starter that I am [=P] planted the seed in his head that perhaps the wota were screwing with everyone so they could have a better chance of winning the prizes.

Maasa Personal Mesage

Risako Personal Message

Chinami Personal Message

Yurina Peronsal Message

Momoko Personal Message

Miyabi Personal Message

Signed Banner

Dave relayed that to George and he replied with something along the lines of if that’s true, that’s cold.

We went back to the h.naoto booth where I picked up an Angry doll to complete my collection from AX 2009. I also got a picture with one of the staff holding the doll. After that a light breakfast at an Italian place & then meeting another JPH!P brother and a return to the hotel to drop off con goodies and pick up picture to hopefully get signed in the final autograph session for Berryz.

I took the cock blocking set with me along with the Sakura-con limited edition B cards in case cycling the line more than once was possible. When we made it into the autograph room the line for priority autographs was significantly huge. We met up with one more of our JPH!P brethren and sat down hoping that maybe there would be enough time before the prize drawing in the merchant area.

As the line grew & grew our prospects of getting an autograph got lower and lower. While waiting for our impending doom we met a dude from Alaska who came down to research Berryz and the entire culture behind idol music. He said he was at the Exist Trace concert which was very good from his point of view and he was amazed at the insanity that was the Berryz crowd.

He was hoping to get autographs just like us and just as things were looking bleak the line started to speed up. I had a mission to either get an autograph or get another hug from Yaz. (one of their managers) I managed to get the hug so that was 1 out of 2 accomplished. By the time the line was starting to dwindle down it was almost time for the prize drawing. Our non-priority line was moving at a decent pace but we were still a little optimistic that maybe we could at least get closer to the front to see the girls.

Luckily we were all able to get to the front of the line before the UFA management cut it off. So 2 for 2. Yay! I got my 2L sets signed working 2 girls at the same time. They used the super special sharpies that have ink that stick to the back of the next photo. Miya had to remind me to shake the photo so it stays. Just as a side note, she’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT.


Anyway, there I was working 2 girls for autographs at the same time looking here & there making sure that I pay attention to who is done. We were kind of being rushed but I did my best to give each girl some sort of attention even if I was complete failure at it.


Having accomplished that it was off to the draw for the signed banner and the personalized letters. Got nothing but whatever, I got what I needed out of the day. Last was the closing ceremonies where a few of us gathered in the middle but those of us with press passes moved up to the front. So my press pass actually came in handy for something. =P

It was an interesting ceremony with wushu, kabuki and traditional Japanese dances. Plus Berryz Koubou. With all said and done it was off for more drinking in my hotel room. Once we were good & happy we had decided to take the more inebriated back home but then we ran into another after party and continued the festivities.

Around 12:30 we got booted out of the Sheraton hotel and we went to check out Aaron’s Momo collection, which was very impressive. After that, back home for some much needed packing and then sleep.

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