Sakura-con Recap & Final Thoughts

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The following is my own opinion and does not represent those of the other Selective Hearing staff or those who were with me at Sakura-con 2011.

Oh lord I am tired. Sakura-con 2011 was a non-stop assault on all things Berryz. As always I was with my JPH!P comrades tearing through the convention center with the Japanese and non-Japanese wota.

The response of the con staff to Berryz and their fans was nothing but positive to many. Yes, there were a few overzealous people who may have been a bit too eager to see them and some staff who were a little frustrated with the overwhelming number of crazy people who were not respecting their autho-ri-tay but for the most part the atmosphere was chilled and relaxed.

Many fans also compared this to Morning Musume at AX 2009 calling the Berryz concert a much better show. I agree with that statement. I know that you more passionate Momusu fans may find that to be blasphemous but it’s true. Momusu never inspired a bunch of wota to riot in the halls. And yes, it did go on for much longer after this 10 minute video shows.

It even got to the point that the UFA camera crew came out & started filming and photographing the fans involved in this mob of awesomeness.

Personally I have no complaints about anything really. Well except for being marked for expulsion by association and the whole line nazi, the Seattle PD will beat your ass down if you fuck with us type of deal. I understand the no running thing, but really? Is threatening imprisonment really necessary?

Outside of that I had so much fun with all the girls the first time around in the autograph line. As I said before they were so cool with the gifts, especially Miya when I gave her 2. I didn’t even know she was posing with the bear I have her until I sensed some dude behind me  (a UFA cameraman) taking her picture with it. I turned around rather quickly so I hope I didn’t ruin the shot.

Second time around was a little rushed but hey, anything to see Miya. (& the rest again) The after con activities were nuts & it was great to do 2 live broadcasts from my hotel room with my fellow JPH!P peoples. Those broadcasts will never see the light of day since they were drunken, crazy tirades about random things going on at the con.

It was also nice to get some free drinks at the Nico Nico launch party, verrrry nice. And Hello! Party 2 was another success (with the exception of one personal dislike at the beginning) and congrats to iceymoon Bryan for getting their Hello! Party 2 poster board signed.

Lastly I would like to send a shout out to all the people from previous encounters I hung out with and all the new people I met over the past few days. Special shout out goes to you NSK dudes, you guys are awesome and to the Japanese wota. You have made baseball much more fun with your drunken jeering of the opposing players on the A’s. I hope to run into all of you again at the next Hello! Project event.

Lastly thank you to Up Front International and JapanFiles for bringing Berryz over and thank you to Yaz for the hugs. (you rock!) Also many thanks to Sakura-con for another kick ass experience all around.

For those who you who couldn’t find me during the con I was wearing the jacket below.

SH Jacket

Yeah… If you saw that  dude walking around it was me.  Depending on the day I was either wearing a white/beige ball cap, a red and white ball cap or a green fedora with skulls on it & a JPH!P sticker plastered on the front and I was normally around a large number of JPH!P members.

To close off my coverage of Sakura-con here are a few vids that I couldn’t upload from my phone until I got home. These are the only ones that weren’t corrupted. Enjoy! And remember to join me (& hopefully more staff members) the next time an event like this occurs.

Berryz Q&A pre-show

Berryz picture opportunity at the Q&A

The story behind this is that we were sitting at a table by a set of elevators. Those elevators just happened to be where Berryz Koubou entered and left. Props to the H!Pster who reserved us the table. (you know who you are)

Thanks to some sources we found out when Berryz were leaving for Japan. They just happened to be checking in around the same time I was. If you look at the 2nd video you’ll see a dude in a red cap. (THAT’S ME!!!)

I didn’t get to stick around for the post viewing commentary since I had to also clear customs, but yeah I was there to see them off before I had to run across the airport to make my flight. Totally worth almost missing my plane.

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