Sandaime J-Soul Brothers – Best Friend’s Girl

J-Soul Brothers Best Friend's Girl

Release Date: October 11, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Best Friend’s Girl
  2. Best Friend’s Girl (Instrumental)


J-Soul Brothers were thought to have all but become a permanent part of EXILE when their 2nd generation merged with them. A year and half after that merge they have come back under a new name, Sandaime J-Soul Brothers (3rd Generation J-Soul Brothers) and with a new song Best Friend’s Girl.

This is the first of consecutive releases from the group and is a R&B ballad that is similar to those from their parent group. Some may have even heard this before its release since it was also used in the last EXILE vocal auditions.

It’s a heartfelt song that covers a lot of familiar ground that you can hear in any R&B ballad but it’s so well done that you can easily get over that and enjoy the slow jam goodness.

There’s no b-side to this song (not that it needs one) and since On Your Mark ~Hikari no Kiseki~ was released shortly after there was no reason to really have one.

Best Friend’s Girl

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