Sandaime J Soul Brothers – Fighters


Release Date: September 7, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Fighters
  2. Tsugi no Jidai e ~Orchestra Version~
  3. Fighters (Instrumental)
  4. Tsugi no Jidai e ~OrchestraVersion~ (Instrumental)


Sandaime J Soul Brother’s 4th single Fighters is the theme song for the drama Rokudenashi Blues. For those wondering why it sounds a lot like an EXILE song it’s because the track was produced by the EXILE leader Hiro.

The aggressive pop dance beats are much different from the Ne-Yo type smooth House beats that were present on On Your Mark ~Hikari no Kiseki~. If you like songs like 24 Carats or Indestructible you should have no problem getting into Fighters. While fairly typical of EXILE family style dance songs, it’s still fairly good stuff.

The b-side is what I consider is Sandaime J Soul Brothers strong suit, ballads. They probably do these better than their parent group EXILE and it really shows on Tsugi no Jidai e. This song allows the voices of Yamashita Kenjiro and Iwata Takanori to really shine.

Unlike their last ballad Best Friend’s Girl (which is a hell of a song by the way) Tsugi no Jidai e has a simpler arrangement relying on orchestral instruments to provide the musical backdrop for both vocalists. While not exactly everyone’s preference this is probably the better of the two songs on this single package.

Fighters (CD Only)

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Fighters (CD + DVD)

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