Saori@destiny – World Wild 2010

World Wild 2010 / Saori @ destiny

Release Date April 14, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Re: Revolution
  2. World Wild 2010
  3. Ethnic Planet Survival
  4. I Can’t
  5. Lonely Lonely Lonely
  6. Play
  7. Baby Tell Me
  8. Funny Parade
  9. Grotesque
  10. Prism
  11. Shinpa
  12. Lonely Lonely Lonely (FUNKOT.JP Remix)


Saori@destiny is a Japanese electronica artist whose sound can be compared to acts such as Perfume & Mitsuki Aira. The latter is probably a better indication of what to expect since they both share the same producer. Either way, just by those comparisons alone you should have an idea what her songs will sound like.

I wasn’t really impressed by Saori@destiny at first mainly because her music is a little more left field than everything else coming out of this sub genre of Japanese pop. The description of her as an electro pop maverick is certainly fitting based on her previous material, and I was about to give this a pass when it was released. But after hearing the first two singles (Ethnic Planet Survival & Lonely Lonely Lonely) I had a change of heart and decided to give Wild World 2010 a shot.

After listening to this a few times over I believe that perhaps I have been too closed minded when it comes to Saori@destiny. Yeah, she may not have the instant pop charm of say a Perfume but her songs are equally as catchy and memorable. It just may take a bit longer for some tracks to soak in. Although that may depend on how critical your listening habits may be.

Besides the previously  mentioned singles other tracks worth mentioning are the rave style throwback style of Play and the bouncy House inspired songs Funny Parade and Shinpa.  There is also the mellow (yet incredibly funky) Grotesque and the closest thing you’ll get to a standard ballad, Prism. Tacked on to the end after Shinpa is a remix of Lonely Lonely Lonely by FUNKOT.JP. It’s an alright mix. It sounds like something that you would hear in a rhythm based video game so I figure it’s okay.

Overall this was fairly impressive and I believe it should be an instant pick up for any fans of the techno/electro pop genre and those who dig their dance music with a bit a twist.

World Wide 2010

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