Sashihara Rino Exiled to The Kids Table

Sashihara Rino Soredemo Suki da yo (3)

A Japanese tabloid recently interviewed an alleged ex-boyfriend of popular AKB member Sashihara Rino. This young man supposedly dated her when she was 16 and spilled some seedy details about their relationship.

The fallout from this is that as of June 15 AKB’s 4th most popular member has been whisked away from the spotlight of AKB48 to the shack in the woods that is HKT48. Whether you see this as a demotion/punishment for Sasshi or a prime opportunity for HKT to get some much needed exposure (they only had 1 member place in this year’s election.) depends on your opinion of the offender in question.

I think this entire situation sucks but at least being sent down to the bench warmers is better than being booted out of AKB completely. The powers that be seem to have some sense & realize they still have a good thing in their organization. There’s no bending to the will of the wota who cry out for blood after being “betrayed” & having their hearts broken.

This really is out of the control of Sashihara unfortunately. The actions of those she has come in contact with in the past sometimes come back in unpleasant ways. I don’t necessarily believe that Sasshi was as her supposed ex-boyfriend described her to be but then again, there was only a half denial instead of a full one.

So who really knows? At this point in time fans can be comforted with the fact that she’s still in the 48 family. Let’s hope that she eventually makes her return from her HKT sponsored exile once this all blows over.

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