Saving Morning Musume

Greg New Profile PicTo finish off the series of my thoughts on the upcoming Morning Musume graduation and its fallout I will propose what I think should happen with the group. This will probably not make a lot of people happy. In fact I guarantee that many will probably not agree with what I am about to say in this article. As always I offer no apologies for any offending comments. Any opinions expressed are my own and do not represent those of the other Selective Hearing staff.

Saving Morning Musume

The future’s not looking bright for Morning Musume’s continued existence. They really don’t have time to develop youngsters and do on the job training given their place in the current idol group hierarchy. If they want to survive the youth movement should be avoided at all costs. I seriously hate that idea and I think my fears can be rested by the fact that I highly doubt that any young girls want to be in Morning Musume these days. There are many other idol groups in the market who are outclassing them so I think that maybe I’ll get my wish and they’ll all not show up.

Compared to other the idol groups in the Japanese market Momosu sounds very stale. The blame cannot be placed on the members at all. They work their butts off to entertain the fans and I commend them for their efforts. Who I blame for the current situation is UFA. Every other group in H!P is getting some fairly decent and fresh (for Hello! Project) sounding material while Morning Musume gets recycled versions of their previous singles or songs that should not even qualify as releasable material. Sure they had their past 2 albums, but anything on that level of quality is becoming increasingly rare.

It’s like Tsunku and company don’t even care anymore and are going through the motions. It wouldn’t hurt to maybe let someone outside of the regular production teams have their shot at the group. Actually I think it would be better if they just outsourced the production duties to pop producers who have a more cutting edge sound. I don’t mean that they should go to extremes and go all Electro Pop or whatever the current sound is, but a fresher approach would be nice.

Personally I would prefer that Morning Musume become a vocal group again, but that’s not going to happen. I believe adding a few older, capable vocalists from the H!P Eggs would be a suitable alternative. The rules of the 9th generation audition nullify anyone close to Sayu’s age from qualifying so that kind of ruins that idea. But salvaging strong secondary singers out of the upcoming auditions who are 16 or 17 would be great. It would be a bonus if they had a personality to go along with the talent. If there are both, it’s even better.

But given Tsunku’s trend of sometimes picking oddball young diamonds in the rough the odds of getting a pure vocal talent like Maki Goto or Ai Takahashi are slim to none. If the 9th audition ends up being a disaster and a bunch of youngsters enter the fold I would like to see the group dissolved to allow Morning Musume to end with some dignity intact. Because they’re just going to be limited and most likely worse if the youth movement happens. Take whatever the 9th audition gets and create a new group under a different name instead of tarnishing the Morning Musume legacy.

Obviously some of you are going to be upset at that and may even call me out on my fandom. Think what you want and it does hurt to even mention disbanding but let’s be realistic here. Morning Musume has been treading water for a long time. Don’t be blinded by your loyalties to your favorite members and don’t be like me and cling to past glories of what was once a great idol group to see that they’re clearly hitting their best before date.

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