Sakura Con Day 1

Greetings from Seattle y’all!  ‘Tis I your friendly administrator coming to you from the site of Sakura-con.  The first day of my trip (which really had nothing to do with music) was covered on my personal blog.  Today, well it really was all about the music along with a few other things so here’s what went down.

I really didn’t sleep at all last night.  I guess the anticipation of what happened today kept me up, yet I felt rested anyway.  After making some arrangements to meet some fellow wota chatters I got ready & went on the search for breakfast.  I was too lazy to walk anywhere so I ended up going to the Dragonfish again.

While I was eating I looked over the Sakura-con schedule ticking off stuff could be of interest to me.  After that I made my way to the convention center where I met up with my group for the day (what up yo!).  The first stops were the registration floor (which was again full of many people, a lot in full costume)

Sakura Con Registration 1

After registration, a stop at the event pass booth to pick up some wristbands for the Hangry & Angry concert with a little bit of difficulty, but I got the amount I wanted. I unfortunately set precedence for those after me but I felt it was up to them to fend for themselves.  Then the group broke off for a bit & I went to the exhibitors hall to check out the goods for sale.  There were a lot of things to flatten out my wallet.  I ended up actually buying a hand knit hat.  A blue beanie type hat with horns on them.  By accident I stumbled upon the merchandise booth for Girugamesh and Hangry & Angry.

I ended up buying the Hangry & Angry CD (even though I already got it via download), Girugamesh’s latest album & lastly a couple of Hangry &  Angry photo sets.  In addition to that I got a ticket to get advance placement in the autograph session with Hangry & Angry.  There was a bunch of other things I wanted to buy but time was not on my side and had to get back to line up for the autograph session (priorites people).  When I got there I met up with my fellow wota chatters along with some folk from JPHip & some other people.  A group photo was taken to commemorate the joining of people.

New Group Photo

Photo courtesy of JPHip

Around 12:40 the doors opened for the autograph session where those with official merchandise and/or tickets were placed into one while the rest of the people were sent to another line.  Shortly after getting that organized Hangry & Angry appeared.  To actually put into words seeing Charmy & Yossie in person is difficult.  I mean, it’s like you see these people & admire them from afar.  But to get the chance to actually be in their presence and look them in the eye & talk to them?  It’s just amazing to even have the chance to do that.

As I got closer to my turn for an autograph the reality started sinking in, I’m actually going to see an H!P member for real up close.  All I can say is that both Rika & Yossie are gorgeous in person. Those who read my Hello! Blog poll response know who I like the most & I was thinking of pulling the Borat stunt but alas I had no sack.  =)  The idea of asking her “結婚してください。”  (translation =  “Will you marry  me?”) had seriously crossed my mind several times but that would have gotten me either A. slapped B. kicked in the nether regions C. booted by the UFA people or D. All of the above.

Instead I politely got one of my photo set pictures autographed by both & after some debate got my ass back in line for another round of autographs, where again the idea of asking the same question popped into my head.  Against common sense I know but cooler heads prevailed & I got individual photos of each member autographed (some sort of scans or something coming soon).  Again trying not to fanboy too much in front of them, but my hands were shaking like a drunk surgeon afterward.  Those small moments really made this trip totally worth  it.

Unfortunately there were no pictures allowed at this signing.  If you took a camera out & pointed it at the autograph table the UFA people gave out the death stare & looked ready to jump anyone who dared go against their rules.  After the session was over there was more fanboying & girling.  As you can see below, here’s me praising Rika’s chair.

Praise The Chair

I wanted to take the chair home.  It wouldn’t look odd considering where I was at but  how would I get it away from the building & it would be kind of odd checking that in as luggage at the airport.  But the thought did occur to me oh so briefly.  After that the newly formed group once again broke off to do their own things.  Some went to lunch, others went to explore the con.  I went with the group who went to lunch at a diner type place in the Pike Place Mall.

After that some console gaming at the con where we played a bit of Katamari Damacy & then a turn on the Japanese Wii with some sort of Street Fighter vs. (uh…) something type game.  It was the first time I actually touched a Wii, so it took some time to get used to how the controller worked.  Once I had that down the game was pretty fun & other people joined into the game & we all took turns beating the crap out of eachother.  I left early to complete a task for the people back home & to get ready for the dinner.

Well that was an interesting experience in itself.  First off, there were no chairs in the room, standing room only.  I guess the intention from what I saw was to allow the people to mingle amongst the guests of honor.  Uh.. Well the group I was with wanted to speak to Hangry & Angry (like everyone else) so once the event actually got started everyone gravitated towards them so the odds of actually chatting them up were slim to none.  With that chance taken away I ended up having a drink (a very bland screwdriver) and took a shot at the food.

While I was partaking in the food Hangry & Angry left & so did everyone else in the room (not surprising).  The mood in the room went from jovial to depressing.  Strange how one act leaving can just take all the electricity out of the room isn’t it?  Not wanting to have wasted my time attending the dinner I decided to at least talk to one band, so I approached Myuji.  (who were pretty damn funny during their introduction to the room) I even got a picture with them along with some people from my group.

Photo With Myuji

Then they left & the group started to go their separate ways.  I ended up hanging out a bit with the folks from JPHip where we ran into an outdoor rave outside the convention center. After wandering around the con for a bit we went a our separate ways & called it a day.

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