Sakura Con Day 2

The following post contains the events leading up to the Hangry & Angry concert & afterwards.  For what I did before this time, please read this post.  Thank you.

Around 14:30 I and the JPHip crew arrived at the convention center and set up camp for the lineup to the Hangry & Angry concert.  It’s not like we had to be there, but we were proactive & a little cautious.  After all, some of us came a long way to see them so we wanted to guarantee our spots.  While we waited we spent our time talking, sleeping or playing video games.  As the day went on we were joined by several Japanese fans & got to hear the rehearsals for the show.  Basically we got a sneak peek at the new songs & what sounded like a birthday song for Yossy.

Around 17:00 the rest of our group showed up & us lucky few who got the red wristbands for staying at a Sakura Con sponsored hotel got separated from the rest of the herd.  Then the two Hangry & Angry mascots came out & everyone made a mad rush to take pictures with them.  It was like some crazy paparazzi type stuff.  I mean those two were just mobbed by the people with everyone jumping all over each other for photo ops.  It was quite the scene.

Picture with Mascots

Then around 18:40 or so we lucky wristband wearing few got to go into the concert hall where our group made an immediate rush for the front of the mosh pit.  All 15 of us made it into the first 3 rows leaving everyone else behind in our dust.  Like I said, we were proactive & ready for action.  Before the first act came out some awkward guy came out & laid down the law.

  1. For the Myuji show do what you want.
  2. For the Hangry & Angry show NO PICTURES, NO VIDEO or you & your equipment will be removed.

Simple enough, yet disappointing at the same time.  Yet, not enough to cause outrage or anything of that nature.  The show was supposed to start at 19:00 but ended up starting about 20 minutes or so late.  The first act was Myuji whose set was was high energy rock.

Myuji Show 01

I admit that I haven’t heard much of this bands music so a lot of it was fairly new to me.  But I was really digging what they were doing on stage & their between song banter was some funny stuff.  Basically the only one who could speak English was Myuji himself & seeing him convince his band mates to do the same was hilarious.   The songs that were most familiar to me were from anime.  He played songs from Dragonball and X.  Overall a great opening set.

Myuji Show 02

Myuji Show 03

Then the setup for the main event of the evening.  The crowd was buzzing with excitement as they watched the stage crew set up for Hangry & Angry’s band.  Again, the law was laid down for us NO PICTURES & NO VIDEO and another addition of NO THROWING STUFF ON STAGE.  Eventually the set up was complete, the lights dimmed & the Hangry & Angry logo appeared on the monitors.   By this time it was around 20:15.  If anyone has actually read the history behind the Hangry & Angry characters, well it was recited to the crowd in one long, drawn out spiel.  The natives were getting restless & were screaming “Hangry! Angry!”

After the long prologue was completed they came out to a very loud reception.  I honestly could not been more thankful for my place in the mosh pit.  Seeing Charmy & Yossy in such close proximity was amazing.  I’ll admit I teared up a bit once they hit the stage.  It just all became too real.   There they were in front of me, so sweet.  They looked good.  I mean you see them on TV & DVD & stuff & you think no one can look that good in real life.  Well it’s true, it’s damn true.  I mean from the autograph session & this.  I can tell y’all they are some incredibly beautiful women.

Anyway, I can’t tell you the set list because I honestly don’t remember the exact order.  I was so hyped from seeing them live that a little detail like that became trivial.  I can say that they played every song from their EP except for Wallflower & debuted 2 new songs called Sadistic Dance and No Future.

The best parts of the show for me were when we all started a call & response type chant during Kiss Me Kill Me.  That was fun, screaming the chorus back to them.  Second would be when we got to sing Happy Birthday to Yossy and third would be when they did Rock remixes of the Peace & Love & Peace.

They looked surprised that the crowd was able to sing along with them.  The Rock remix of the Peace was a masterpiece.  Great arrangement and energy but unfortunately missing the monologue by Charmy.  But the way the song was structured she would have had to scream it like it was a death metal song so instead it was replaced by a kick ass guitar solo.

I’m not lying when I say the following statement.  THIS IS THE BEST CONCERT I HAVE EVER BEEN TO PERIOD.  It’s one thing to see a UFA concert on DVD, but to experience it for yourself is something totally different.  The energy & excitement that those two women brought to the stage was  incredible. Being able to see Charmy head bang her way through a show & to see Yossy with her cool & calm demeanor was just awesome.  Also having the opportunity to interact with them just like the Japanese fans do with the chants & the glow sticks & all that was so much fun.  I have always wondered what it would be in that type of crowd.   It’s a hell of a work out & again, sooooo much fun to go full wota.

When the show was over we were screaming “ENCORE! ENCORE!” well, some were screaming the Japanese version, but it was all good.  Surprisingly they came back out & did Kiss Me Kill Me a second time where we got to scream our heads off louder than before &  jump around like little kids.  It was great.

As you can tell I’m still incredibly high from this experience.  Who wouldn’t  be?  Again (& excuse the language) but that show was FUCKING AMAZING & made my trip to Seattle worth every hassle I had to put up with &  every penny I had to spend worth it.  I would like to  thank the folks at Sakura-con for getting them here & the folks at UFA for being so gracious as to allow us North American fans to get  taste of what the Japanese get all the time.  Thank you, thank you, thank you so so much.

After the show ended we were all so jacked up that most of  us just collapsed in the lower lobby of the convention center once the high started wearing off a bit.  Eventually we all made it to our after show dinner at Ruth Chris’ Steak House.  It’s a pretty swanky place & seeing a bunch of over hyped H!P fans screaming their heads off  probably scared a few people, or at least shocked them.

That was the most expensive meal I never had to pay for (thanks much dude if you’re reading this!) but it was good.  After dinner we signed a birthday card for Yossy with special messages.  When that was done we went back to the convention center to take a group picture to put on the back of the card.

Last Group Shot

Photo courtesy of JPHip Show

Having done that the group took a quick peek at the dance & then went their separate ways.  When I got to my hotel room I was exhasuted and passed out after writing the first part of this post.

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